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Your Florida Internet Marketing Consultant Tells the Truth about Link Building

If you keep up with the most recent blogs, tweets, and proclamations by SEO experts (and there are so many that you could spend all your time doing that!), you could get the idea that certain practices

are “dead.” One of the primary ones in the spotlight today is the practice of link building. While this technique has certainly changed over the years, the rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated! The Florida Internet marketing consultant explains where things stand today.

No More Tricks

The field of Internet marketing and SEO grew so quickly that people almost immediately figured out that you could cheat the system by working backwards from the search engines’ ranking algorithms. Since Google heavily considered external links to a page when ranking results, for example, SEO managers began paying other web users to put up arbitrary links to their pages. People started to get the idea that they could make some serious money by establishing websites devoted to creating links for hire. It didn’t take the search engines long to catch on, though, and now “spam” links generate a penalty instead of higher rankings.

Real Links Still Count For a Lot

Instead of discarding the practice of link building, your Florida Internet marketing consultant now does what people should have been doing in the first place: using high quality content and actual business relationships to build a network of links. When real people share your website with their friends and businesses recommend you as a valuable contact, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! respond by moving you up in the rankings.

Don’t know where to start with link building? Just contact your Florida Internet marketing consultant and he will get the ball rolling for you with good, solid practices that will garner good results instead of penalties for “shortcut” link building.

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