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WooCommerce Development Services

WooCommerce is one of the most popular Ecommerce platforms in the world. It is super flexible, open-source, and built specifically for WordPress integration. That means it’s quick to get started, easy to manage, and offers high quality customization options with countless features and great user experience.

PalmettoSoft’s developers have decades of experience with both WordPress and WooCommerce, making them highly effective at optimizing your store and getting you up and running quickly. Watch your sales hit higher goals than ever before with our superior WooCommerce development services.

The good part is that our services include more than just initial setup for your store. When you work with us, we also offer customer support, analytics, innovation, performance, and incredible levels of expertise, all at your fingertips! Just call or email us at any time, and we will answer any questions you have about your WooCommerce store.

Our WooCommerce Development Process


Understand scope, expectations, budget range and customer requirements


Size, scope, expectations, assumptions, terms/conditions and fees are clearly documented


Create navigation structure of the website to include main links and sub links


The wireframe is a not-to-scale set of black and white blueprints much like an architect would create before a house is constructed. Change Orders (COs) can begin at this time. COs reflect a change in the scope (i.e. new work) of the project from the client side and they affect the timeline and budget of the project.


All copy, images, videos, links, etc. are collected. This information is determined by the wireframe.


Development schedule is determined once the above steps are complete


Create mockup design based on client meetings, wireframe and collected content.


Buildout of website.


Send the beta website to client via a link to the PS test server.


Upon client approval, migrate new website from test server to live server.

WooCommerce Development Company

Using WooCommerce, the PalmettoSoft team creates fully interactive and responsive Ecommerce websites that are very user friendly, ensuring a rich experience for your customers and increased sales for your business. WooCommerce stores support all the most common payment gateways, like PayPal, Stripe, checks, and bank transfers to name just a few.

Our skilled and certified WooCommerce website developers create custom-designed themes just for your business, so you know your online storefront is unique and truly yours. After years of working with WooCommerce and its WordPress integrations, we have perfected our processes and can get you up and running quickly, meeting goals and growing your reach!

WooCommerce Development Company

We Excel in WooCommerce Development

Appealing store development

We can make your store function with the basic WooCommerce platform, but we want it to look good, too. We will match your store to your branding and company identity.

Smart Plugins

We choose WordPress plugins available to help your store run smoothly and efficiently. If your store needs something special, we develop a new custom plugin, just for you!

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Customized WooCommerce Theme

We know there are tons of WooCommerce templates to choose from, but we want your store to be uniquely yours. We develop your store from scratch, right here at PalmettoSoft.


Already have Ecommerce on another platform? No problem! We can migrate your existing online store to WooCommerce to improved user experience and better integration into your branding!

Modern Feeling and Function

Online purchasing isn’t just about finding the “Buy Now” button anymore. It’s about the experience. We will make your WooCommerce store functional and cutting edge!

Deep Market Research

Before we ever get started developing your WooCommerce store, we conduct serious market research to ensure your success in today’s marketplace.


Ecommerce with Teeth from PalmettoSoft

There are tons of Ecommerce platforms available, each with its own merits, but choosing WooCommerce as our preferred Ecommerce platform was easy. Its seamless integration in WordPress was one of the main deciding factors for us. Since we already love the open-source, easy to use nature of WordPress, we tend to lean toward anything that plays well with it. We also prefer WooCommerce because of how well it works with the many, many payment gateways it accepts, all with no hassle on your end. You choose which ones you want to allow customers to use, and we activate them for you. Easy peasy. Additionally, WooCommerce is SEO friendly! Products can be tagged and categorized into custom, searchable funnels that Google and your other favorite search engines can read, offering extra opportunities to climb those search results and reach new viewers. And the powerful analytics tools in WooCommerce, including Google Analytics, allow us to see what is working and what needs to be further optimized every single month.

WooCommerce is also open source, which means our developers can customize elements down to the tiniest lines of code to ensure that your site and your store function exactly the way you want them to. When buttons work and carts fill and sales transactions cha-ching, that means you have satisfied customers, which means you’re more than satisfied with our hard work for you. And that’s what we want more than anything: your satisfaction.

When you work with PalmettoSoft, you’re working with the top. Our team has a combined 50+ years in the marketing and website design industry, and one of our core values is customer service. You never have to weed through customer service representatives to talk to your account manager, who happens to be PalmettoSoft’s owner, Rhett DeMille. You have his direct contact information, as well as access to your developers, support team, and copywriters, who will be working closely with you through every step of your WooCommerce development process to ensure we are meeting your goals for growth and reaching the customers you want to reach.

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