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WordPress Development with PalmettoSoft Guarantees a Unique Design

PalmettoSoft is the best WordPress development company with a team of top quality WordPress developer at an affordable cost. Get the job done in real-time.

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Why Does PalmettoSoft Develop with WordPress?

  • SEO friendly out of the box with additional SEO features available
  • Extensive customization tools so your website remains one-of-a-kind
  • User-friendly for your customers, ensuring a pleasant user experience
  • Admin-friendly dashboard for content creation and publishing
  • One of the safest and most secure website design platforms available
  • Accepts various media types and integrates seamlessly with social media

Our WordPress Development Process

Gather Requirements

Understand scope, expectations, budget range and customer requirements


Size, scope, expectations, assumptions, terms/conditions and fees are clearly documented

Navigation Summary

Create navigation structure of the website to include main links and sub links


The wireframe is a not-to-scale set of black and white blueprints much like an architect would create before a house is constructed. Change Orders (COs) can begin at this time. COs reflect a change in the scope (i.e. new work) of the project from the client side and they affect the timeline and budget of the project.

Content Collection

All copy, images, videos, links, etc. are collected. This information is determined by the wireframe.

Project Timeline

Development schedule is determined once the above steps are complete

Mockup Design

Create mockup design based on client meetings, wireframe and collected content.


Buildout of website.

Prototype Submission

Send the beta website to client via a link to the PS test server.


Upon client approval, migrate new website from test server to live server.

Services Offered by PalmettoSoft – The Best WordPress Development Company

  • WordPress Installation and Configuration
  • WordPress Website Development and Design
  • WordPress Technical Support
  • WordPress Blog Installation and Customization
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • WordPress Update and Upgrade Maintenance
  • WordPress API Integration
  • WordPress Content Management
  • WordPress Ecommerce Configuration and Design
  • WooCommerce Integration and Configuration
  • WordPress Data Migration
  • WordPress Plugin Customization

Check Out Some of Our Most Recent WordPress Sites

Robust, Custom Website Development with WordPress

WordPress is the largest, most reliable website development and content management system in the world. The developer side is very user friendly, which means our certified developers can concentrate on your goals for appearance, functionality, message, and customer satisfaction, rather than on complicated installation and configuration requirements.

Additionally, if you ever feel the need to make a change yourself (and why would you with PalmettoSoft at the wheel?), you can rest assured that the WordPress dashboard will point you to where you need to go to make your change or add your content, whether it’s on a page, a blog post, or an online storefront.

What Makes WordPress the Best?

WordPress is one of the most flexible platforms available for website development, regardless of what you need your site to do. Want to offer your customers valuable content on a consistent basis with a blog? WordPress has an incredible blogging component that offers dynamic design opportunities and encourages reader engagement. Want to start an Ecommerce store and accept payments online? WordPress integrates with WooCommerce and other online shop systems, as well as payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, and more. Oh, you want a membership site? WordPress development can do that, too! The sky truly is the limit with WordPress.

Why Choose PalmettoSoft as the Best WordPress Development Company?

Part of what sets PalmettoSoft above the crowd in WordPress development is our value in relationships with our customers over transactions with them. When you work with our top-quality WordPress developer, you have direct access to our owner, Rhett DeMille, rather than being routed through countless customer services reps or automated menus. Rhett takes each request or concern seriously and will respond quickly and efficiently to any issues that may arise.

In addition to your access directly to Rhett and his WordPress development team, you also have the reassurance that we know what we’re doing. In our 15+ years in marketing and website development, we have worked with hundreds of businesses to increase their digital footprint and meet their goals for growth. We work with each of our customers to provide specific and customized services that add value and drive your business in the right direction for success.

What clients say

We make it easy to get started. No pressure and no contracts.

PalmettoSoft strives to serve its customers with marketing best practices and unsurpassed service, creating lasting and successful relationships with every business owner, marketing director, or digital dreamer who signs on.