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Why Your Orlando SEO Company Focuses on Links

If you think of your website’s pages as traveling on a journey toward the goal of the number one search result for your most important keyword searches, there are two critical pieces of luggage that they

need to take with them on that journey. The first is great content.If your website isn’t filled with text and other elements that your visitors find compelling, informative, and useful in real life, none of your marketing efforts will do you much good because your visitors won’t stay on your site even when they land there. But the other critical piece of luggage is nearly as important, though much harder to understand and create. It’s the topic of link building, an activity that your Orlando SEO company spends a lot of time on. Here’s why building links is so important, and why it’s critical to do it the right way.

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Valuable links are a cornerstone of effective SEO.

Why Your Orlando SEO Company Builds Links

Ever since a new little search engine called Google went live a few decades ago, it looked at one major factor to decide how to rank web pages that contained similar content. That factor was the number of links leading to that web page from elsewhere around the Internet. The rationale was (and still is) that the more people are pointing toward a website, the more likely that site is to have valuable information that those people want. Unfortunately, as Google increased in popularity, web developers figured out that they could cheat the system by creating huge numbers of “junk” links. Those links might have come from other websites that the same developer managed, or they might have been paid for. Businesses called “link farms” sprang up to offer website managers thousands of links from different websites in return for a hefty fee.

Today, of course, Google’s search algorithm has become sophisticated enough to spot bogus links like that, and an Orlando SEO company that tries those outdated tactics will find his websites penalized and banished from the first few search results pages. Today’s version of Google forces that Orlando SEO company to build links responsibly, which means creating a website full of useful content and then inviting other high-quality websites to link to it. In Orlando local SEO, we call the benefits of this activity “link juice,” as your web pages rise in the search rankings and attract more visitors.

Why Link Building is So Complicated for Your Orlando SEO Company

As you may suspect, there is no clear-cut line between valuable links and worthless ones. While some practices are clearly a bad idea, there is a lot of debate in Orlando SEO services over the value of different kinds of links from different types of websites. In most cases, the only reliable way to tell how Google processes those links in its ranking algorithm is to keep a close eye on the results of your link building activities. The metrics that your Orlando SEO company looks at every day tell your campaign managers whether their link building is effective, whether they need to explore a new strategy, or whether they’ve just discovered a valuable new tool that they should capitalize on further. The more experience your Orlando SEO company has in this area, the better they will be able to support your website with powerful, proven link building strategies.

A Constantly Changing SEO Landscape

Any effective organic SEO company understands that the search engine optimization industry is not static. New technologies, evolving demographics, and changes in Internet user behaviors all demand that your Orlando SEO company update the full spectrum of its services on a regular basis. Today’s best link building practices could become less important just a few months from now, and if your SEO provider continues relying on them without noticing the changing landscape, your website could be left far behind its competitors.

We would love to discuss link building and other essential SEO services with you and tell you how our local SEO company can keep your website at the top of its online marketing game. Email or call us today to take advantage of today’s most powerful SEO techniques.

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