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Why Charleston SEO Content Writing is More Important than Ever

Two trends in the business world are combining to put many companies in a tough position as they try to reach customers online. The worst part is that many times, those companies don’t realize just how

far behind their competitors they are falling because of these trends, and they don’t know what their options are for solving the problem. The two trends in question are these:

1. In an age of casual email/texting and visual-based communication, strong writing skills are becoming hard to find. Many small companies simply don’t have anyone on staff with the ability to compose long-form content with impeccable English, clarity, and attention-getting language.

2. At the same time, the extremely high level of competition online for the attention of customers means that grammatical errors, confusing wording, and written content that is just boring to read become significant enough to discourage potential customers.

Your Charleston SEO firm can provide valuable content writing solutions for your company’s website, making sure that your visitors see a level of professionality in your text that matches the excellence of the services that your company supplies.

Why Are Writing Skills Declining?

The decline of writing skills among American adults is well-documented, and theories abound concerning its causes. One cause appears to be the reduction of the need to present information by way of the written word, even in professional fields. Technologies like cell phones, webcam interaction, text messaging, instant messaging, and email have largely replaced the letters, memos, reports, and documents that professionals used to spend much time writing.

Writing carries more weight than most realize.

In an attempt to adapt to this new environment, schools in turn often focus on teaching students to excel in social interaction and “life skills” rather than building writing skills. As students spend far more time chatting casually via cell phone and email than writing, revising, and proofreading written content in school, their English skills inevitably suffer.

Why it Hurts Businesses

A Charleston SEO company can easily help a business solve its poor written content problem—if that business realizes that the problem exists. Too many companies devote the bulk of their online marketing attention to factors that are more immediately interesting, eye-catching, and fun than their websites’ written text. Thus it is easy to find websites with brilliant graphic design, interactive elements, and video, but only single-sentence phrases to explain what the companies actually do.

While a great-looking website might impress a visitor for a few moments, it doesn’t take long before that visitor demands some real, engaging, informative text to educate him about the company behind the website. If that text is not available, or if the first few sentences the visitor reads seem to be thrown together as an afterthought, he will likely not waste his time exploring the website further.

Charleston SEO professionals call the quick exit of a website’s visitor a “bounce,” and a high “bounce rate” for visitors does more than just deprive a company of sales leads from its site. Search engines track the bounce rate of a website and take it into consideration as they rank the site among competitors in keyword searches. That means that if visitors only find your website useful for a few seconds, it may well get pushed off the first page of search results for important keywords.

Content Writing and Your Charleston SEO Firm

Many companies are unaware of just how easy it is for a Charleston SEO company to provide professional, high quality, engaging written content for their websites. Our system allows us to gather the information we need to represent your company and its services accurately while also minimizing the time you spend speaking with our content writer.

In addition to standard web content, we provide expertly written material for regular blogposts, professional whitepapers, and even social media posts. Even the updates that your company posts to Facebook need to be grammatically correct, clear, and consistently interesting to your readers!

Please contact our Charleston SEO firm today if you are interested in obtaining high quality written content for your website and other online marketing efforts. Educate your potential customers about what you do, how you do it, and why they should choose you in a way that will keep them reading through the last sentence.

Thanks for your time and please comment or share your experiences below!

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