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Using Title Tags for SEO in South Carolina

The consultant who handles your SEO in South Carolina spends a lot of time writing, tweaking, and testing a little section of text that you might never think to address if you were doing the work

yourself. That section of text is the title tag for each page of your website. Although this text may or may not actually appear on your website, both search engines and human readers will probably get their first impressions of your company based on what it says.

What’s a Title Tag, Anyway?

Perform a search on Google, and underneath the title of the first result you will see a brief section of text—usually about two lines’ worth. That’s the title tag. Great websites have tags that are shrewdly designed to introduce the site, entice the searcher to click on it, and include some important keywords for the sake of SEO in South Carolina, all within the space of 70 characters or so! As you can imagine, it takes some real thought to do all of that in a natural-sounding way.

What the Searcher Sees

All you have to do is analyze your own response to the search results you see on the screen to find out how people will examine your site’s title tag. Probably some title tags are easily readable, communicating something about the site that makes you want to visit it. Others are made up of short, disjointed phrases, or seem to be pulled from an article with no context. Experts advise composing a title tag that clearly states the nature of the webpage and gives the searcher a reason to follow the link.

What the Search Engine Sees

While the human viewer only sees about 70 characters of your title tag, the search engine most likely takes the full title tag into account if it is longer than that. The keyword phrases in the tag are some of the primary considerations when Google is ranking your webpage.
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