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Two Magic Words for Orlando SEO: “How To”

Here are some mysteries that crop up when your Orlando SEO consultant is analyzing reports about user activity. Occasionally, a single blogpost, video, or social media post unexpectedly scores a large

number of views, and it’s difficult to immediately see why. Sometimes, the reason is impossible to decipher; maybe an individual happened to read the blogpost, passed the link on to his friends, and it just spread from there. But if your Orlando SEO company can nail down just what people loved about that blogpost, you can build on it for the future. That’s where our two magic words come in.

“How To” Get Attention

The two magic words for your Orlando SEO company are “How To:” Blogposts, videos, and other content that features those two words in their title and text body consistently get lots of attention from viewers. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you can simply plug those words into all of your blogpost titles and enjoy thousands of readers flocking to your website. But if you’re just starting a blog or looking for a boost, a strategically placed “how to” post can really help.

Why Such a Big Deal?

People don’t just see the Internet as a place to shop for goods and services. They see it as a massive storehouse of knowledge, and they want to take advantage of that knowledge in a very practical sense. Now that you can stream video or view an article on your smartphone in the kitchen while cooking, in the garage while working on the car, or in the bathroom while trying out a new hairstyle, “how-to” instructions are more popular than ever before.

Your Orlando SEO company can help you start a blog, get the attention of viewers, and build up a loyal readership through consistently valuable posts. And you might consider that to be a “how-to” tip for attracting more people to your website!

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