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The SEO Consultant in Florida: Why Does My Website Need a Social Life?

Your website needs a social life. Not a close group of friends to party with, but a vibrant network of several different social media accounts that help to “amplify” the content on your site. Just as your

human social connections help you meet new people, discover professional opportunities, and benefit from the abilities of others, your site’s social media accounts help it become the best it can be. Here are some of the ways your SEO consultant in Florida makes it happen:

Google is Watching

One of the most fascinating SEO developments in recent years has been the rise of Google+. Like Facebook, Google+ offers members the chance to show their approval publicly and easily share posts that they like with their friends. Because Google’s search engine is so closely connected to Google+, developers can use that approval/sharing data to adjust search results. If you want Google to give your site a high rank, your SEO consultant in Florida can’t do better than having you participate wholeheartedly in Google+!

Other EnginesMight Be Watching

Honestly, it is a little bit unclear just how much the search engines (including Bing and Yahoo!) use Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media data when ranking search results. Some suspect that the engines directly consider “likes,” but it is more likely that the additional links and shares that a good social media account generates make the associated website look good in terms of SEO.

People Will Come!

Advertise special offers, news, and interesting articles on social media, and people are guaranteed to notice. This generates traffic to your site, and that fact alone gives you an SEO boost. Just remember—don’t post just to be posting something; if your material becomes predictable, boring, and too much like junk mail, people will stop noticing it. But if your SEO consultant in Florida maintains good content, your social media accounts will become the best things that ever happened to your website’s SEO.

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