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The Secret Weapon of SEO: Part 2 of 2

In our last blogpost, we told you about the secret weapon of SEO that so many organizations overlook: the landing page.

Read back through that blogpost if you aren’t clear on why landing pages are so necessary as a part of your website, but for now we’ll assume that you’re all caught up in that area!

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Making your landing pages visible to search engine users is only one part of the landing page design process, though. There’s another critical part, and the two go hand in hand.

Your landing pages themselves have to be meticulously designed to serve the visitor. Here’s what we mean, along with some examples from our own website.

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First Impressions

Let’s start with a screenshot of our landing page focused on the commonly searched keyword phrase “Charleston SEO.”

This is the portion of the page that you see as soon as you land on it, before you scroll down at all—in web design terminology, “above the fold.” Notice at least four important features of this area of the landing page:

  • An attractive image
  • A heading that speaks to the visitor’s goals
  • An interactive element (“Hear the story”)
  • A call to action button (“CALL US”)

All four of these elements play a part in drawing the visitor into the website experience. If this portion of the page were replaced by lots of plain text the visitor would, either consciously or subconsciously, give up on his chances of quickly assessing what our company does, how it can help him, and how he can get in touch with us.

Moving Along

When the visitor scrolls down the page, he discovers much more detailed information about the services he’s interested in. This is the place for this type of information-heavy text content, infographics, and case studies proving that our company can back up the claims we made “above the fold.”

What we d
What we do at PalmettoSoft.

In addition to giving the visitor important information to support our company’s value claims, this portion of the page serves an important SEO purpose as well: increasing visitor stay time.

Visitor stay time is a metric that Google’s analytics software pays a huge amount of attention to. It’s a very good indicator to Google about how much value a landing page provides for the average human visitor, and it uses that metric as a heavy ranking factor when it determines where that landing page should appear in future search results.

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Wrapping Up

At the bottom of the landing page’s main content, we add two more important elements. The first is another call to action button—this one titled “Request for Quote.” Now that the visitor has read about our services and hopefully taken a look at a few of the successful projects in our portfolio, we want to make it as easy as possible for him to follow through and get in touch with us directly, without having to scroll back up to the top of the page to do so.

Request for Quote
Call to action button “Request for Quote”

The other important element here are customer reviews. The rotating quotes in our “Recognition” section give the visitor a final assurance that our company can really do what the landing page says we can do. Testimonials from real, satisfied customers are incredibly valuable for giving the potential new customer confidence in your ability to work well with them.

Interwoven Goals

Serving the search engines (with keyword density, related keywords, appropriately captioned images, META page titles and descriptions) and serving the visitor (with high-quality content, interactive elements, attractive design, etc.) go hand in hand.

As we’ve already mentioned, a page that engages the visitor and leads to high average visitor stay times will win higher rankings in future searches. That, in turn, results in more visitors!

As search engine algorithms focus more on features that human users find valuable—particularly well-written content, fast page load times, and interactive elements—the link between visitor experience and search results ranking will only become stronger.

Let PalmettoSoft make your website more effective than ever before with expertly designed landing pages. Get in touch with us today to get started!

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