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The Secret Weapon of SEO: Part 1 of 2

Think search engine optimization is a simple process? If you do, it’s probably because you’ve only encountered it from one perspective: that of the searcher.

You search for what you need, and then you pick the website that looks the most promising from the top few results. Couldn’t be simpler, right?

What isn’t immediately obvious in that simple process is the enormous amount of work that went into getting that particular website’s information in front of your eyes on that search results page?

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People wrote high-quality content, tweaked the page descriptions and titles, placed images and video on the page with carefully worded captions, built a network of links to and from other websites, and did a lot of other stuff to get their website into that prime spot.

Let PalmettoSoft do the hard work!

The Digital Marketing Secret Weapon

But there’s one secret weapon in particular that experts in digital marketing in Myrtle Beach use to win themselves high rankings with Google. That secret weapon is the landing page, and this month we have a two-part series to explain what it looks like and how to use it.

What the Searcher Sees

First, let’s think about what the average search engine user sees. Here is a screenshot of what you will see on the first page of results if you search for “Myrtle Beach SEO:”

Myrtle Beach SEO
Google Search “Myrtle Beach SEO”

As you can see, our website, PalmettoSoft, is included on the first page of results. Yay for us!

But if you look more closely, you’ll notice that it’s not our home page that is featured here. Rather, it’s an internal page on our site titled “myrtle-beach-seo.” This is our landing page targeted for that keyword phrase.

Reaching Many Audiences

Let’s look at another search results page, this time for the phrase “Columbia SC web design”:

Columbia SC web design
Google Search “Columbia SC web design”

One page one again, you find another itmartsolution.com/demo/palmettosoft landing page: this one focused on the keyword phrase that we just searched for.

So our website, itmartsolution.com/demo/palmettosoft, is now featuring on page one for two commonly searched, location-based keyword phrases that are important in our primary state of service, South Carolina. It would have been impossible for us to achieve that without having created landing pages that are exclusively focused on those two different keyword phrases.

Extending the Reach

And those aren’t the only two keyword phrases we have landing pages for! We also appear on page one of the search results for these, among other search keywords:

  • Columbia SEO
  • Spartanburg SEO
  • Hilton Head SEO

By creating landing pages focused on these different keywords, we have extended our reach and audience exposure across many different searches.

Reach your most important audiences with SEO.

Taking the Next Step

At this point, you may be thinking you have it figured out. So you just create a new page on your website, title it with the keyword phrase you want to focus on, and repeat that phrase a bunch of times on the page?

Not so fast.

In the second blogpost of our series, we’ll go into much more detail on just what your landing page should look like if you want it to rise up through the rankings and appear on that all-important Page One. When website designers were figuring things out for the first time, a “quick and dirty” strategy like that may have worked out.

Today, however, search engine algorithms have become incredibly sophisticated, capable of calculating not only the content of a web page but also its quality and value to the search engine user. In short, that means your landing pages will disappear onto pages three and beyond of the search results unless they hold real value for your audience and keep their attention for a significant amount of time.

Using the Secret Weapon

Digital marketing in South Carolina has become so competitive that any strategy you employ must be at the cutting edge of current best practices. Otherwise, your website simply won’t keep up, and you’ll see your visitor numbers dwindle.

For more information on what landing pages are, how they work, and most importantly how PalmettoSoft can help you use this secret weapon, check out the rest of our website. And check back soon for part two of our series!

Gain the advantage with PalmettoSoft.

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