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The Florida Internet Marketing Damage Control Expert

Having a Florida Internet marketing consultant involved in your website’s design from day one is perhaps the best way to ensure that it enjoys great SEO. But that isn’t possible for everyone

—inexperienced web developers, deliberately deceptive SEO practices, and long periods of inactivity can all wreak havoc on a site’s search results. Once that has happened, it takes someone with real, in-depth knowledge of the field to bring that site back to a favorable position.

Why Did My Site Disappear?

Of course, your website is not going to literally disappear, but if it gets pushed down off the first five pages of keyword search results, it might as well have! Google’s algorithms are designed to detect irresponsible SEO tactics and penalize them by dropping the offending site on results pages. Those tactics might have been used by someone who didn’t know any better, copying and pasting the same text all over your website. Or you may have entrusted your web development to someone who promised fast results, only to realize that he was trying to play the system.

Getting Your Site Back

Google’s penalties are serious, and they are meant to take spam and other undesirable websites out of circulation for a long time. But if you have been caught in the middle of a penalty, a good Florida Internet marketing consultant can still help. With a new plan, responsible SEO practices, and time, your website will make its way back up through the search results and eventually see good traffic again. It does require patience and work, just like recovery from any other disaster.

The best way to stay on Google’s good side and avoid penalties, of course, is to have a Florida Internet marketing consultant helping to build your site from the ground up. If that’s the stage you are at, or if you’re struggling to deal with a website that seems to be invisible online because of penalties, give us a call today.

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