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The Florida Internet Marketing Consultant as Security Guard

If you want to find examples of human creativity put to work for malicious ends, you don’t have to look any further than the Internet. It seems that people have been discovering new ways to exploit others

for their own gain since the World Wide Web first began to extend its reach across the globe, and today the Florida Internet marketing consultant still sees new scams popping up all the time. One such scam can target your website and ruin its SEO if your security isn’t tight enough.

Link Attack

In a practice that your Florida Internet marketing consultant calls “SEO poisoning,” a scammer hacks into a website’s design area and begins adding huge numbers of links to his own site. This has a few different effects. His intention is that, by executing this attack on multiple websites, he can boost his site’s ranking on Google by showing hundreds of external links to it. However, once Google catches on to what is happening on your site, it assumes that you are the one filling your site with artificial links. The result is a heavy penalty that severely damages your website’s search engine rankings.

Security, Security, Security

The most effective defense against this type of attack is a combination of the suggestions you hear all the time in connection with Internet security. Strong passwords that are changed often, monitoring your website on a regular basis, and having partners that you trust with access to your site are all key. The more quickly your administrative team responds to an attack, the clearer it will be to the search engines that the incident was an irregularity and not poor SEO practice on your part.

Protect Your Website

Having a Florida Internet marketing consultant keep a close eye on your website is a good way to guard it from SEO poisoning. His experience allows him to spot unusual activity right away and eliminate it before it damages your website’s reputation.

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