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Stick the Landing with Web Design Services in South Carolina

The landing page is one of the best tools available to professionals in web design in Charleston, SC. When the designer creates it carefully, with a close eye on current best practices and a positive user experience, a landing page has the capability to generate surprising numbers of leads for its website. Unfortunately, most people outside the SEO and web design industry don’t have a clear idea of just what a landing page’s purpose is, or even exactly what it is! Here are some quick points to help you understand why your next website redesign should include a few landing pages for best results.

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People Are Busy

If there’s one thing that website visitor analytics have confirmed for us, it’s that people are busy. In estimating how long a person typically stays on a web page before leaving it, people inevitably estimate far too high. Especially when using a mobile device, a website visitor often “bounces” away from a web page just a few seconds after arriving on it. Our eyes have seen so many websites and we have become so efficient at scanning for information on them that it only takes a very short time for us to assess whether or not a website will serve us in the way we expect it to.

That’s where a landing page comes in handy. If a Google search user is intrigued by your ad about a specific service and clicks on it, only to land on your company’s home page, he’s not very likely to look around the site and see where he can find more information about that specific service. Instead, he’ll quickly think something like “Oh, this isn’t what I was looking for,” and return to the Google search results. A landing page, however, presents the click-through visitor with more useful information and calls to action specifically related to the service that caught his attention in the first place.

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Streamlining the Process

When a visitor lands on your landing page, you want to do two primary things for them. First, you want to fill out the information about the service in question and tell the visitor everything that they need to know in order to make a purchasing decision—or whatever action you are trying to get them to take. That means that the written content on your landing page needs to be carefully written with the visitor’s valuable time and attention in mind. Don’t ramble or use “filler” text. Instead, use bullet points, large headings, and short phrases to show the visitor the critical points about the service within the first few seconds.

The second thing you need to do for your landing page visitor is to give them a fast, easy way to take the action you want them to. Make sure your call to action button is large, clear, and in an intuitive location on the page. Don’t put it in the top right corner, where people are used to moving their cursor to close the web browser! And don’t put it low enough on the page that the visitor has to scroll down to find it. In addition to location on the page, pay close attention to the text on the button. Something general like “Learn more” or “Click here” doesn’t tell the visitor exactly what will happen if they click, and in today’s age of rampant identity theft and other scams, people are understandably hesitant to take a step if they can’t see what’s coming next. Use clear calls to action like “Sign up for newsletter” or “Get my free trial now.”

Get Professional Help

Like all aspects of web design, landing page best practices are evolving all the time. It’s important to have the help of an expert in web design in Charleston, SC designing, revising, and monitoring your landing pages to determine whether they are leading to the results you hoped for. Have the PalmettoSoft team conduct a free audit of your website and suggest changes to boost your lead generation.

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