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SEO process explained by your Florida SEO Consultant

As a professional Florida SEO consultant, PalmettoSoft constantly pays strict attention to the quality of work we produce. Whenever a team of people works on a project, clear steps with

guidelines must be followed in order to achieve better consistency with higher efficiency. Because of this need, our Florida SEO firm has developed a comprehensive SEO process that we follow whenever we take on a new client. We like to think of our process as a ‘road map for success,’ because systematic workflow ensures that major items are never overlooked, which can later lead to loss of rankings in the search results.
In addition, we constantly “return to a simpler state,” and periodically adjust our process to account for things like new technology, lessons learned, efficiency improvement, etc… Take a look at how we do it below:

Pre Sale

– Keyword Research (PDF report sent to prospective customer)
– Preliminary Report (software generated report which displays technical errors that need to be fixed)
– Strategic Website Analysis (human edited document which addresses any high level issues the website needs to have modified or repaired)
– SEO Proposal
– Receive Payment

Client Setup (1st month of campaign)

– New Client Email (Introductory email)
– FTP and Cpanel login details
– Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools info
– Technical fixes as per Preliminary Report findings
– Website adjustments as per Strategic Website Analysis
– Suggest SEO landing page(s)
– Blog installation (if required) and testing

Ongoing Labor and Reporting (2nd month-moving-forward/routine workflow)   

1st Week

– Beginning-of- Month:  Monthly Content Requirement spreadsheet sent to client
– Friday:  Weekly Content Reminder email sent to client

*Throughout the month, website promotional activities are done to include, but not limited to: Link building, blog posting, article submission, search engine submission, business listings, classified postings, directory submission, social bookmarking, guest blog postings, press release submission, social media promotion and PPT and PDF submission(s).

2nd Week

– Friday:  Weekly Content Reminder email sent to client

3rd Week

– Friday:  Weekly Content Reminder email sent to client

4th Week

– Friday:  Weekly Content Reminder email sent to client
– End-of-Month:  Monthly SEO Update email/spreadsheet sent to client

If you are interested in learning more about quality control processes or would like to talk to an upper echelon Florida SEO consultant, please contact us today.

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