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SEO Consultant in Florida: You Know Who’s In the Details!

As an SEO consultant in Florida, I have come to appreciate the vast difference that a small word or even a single letter can make. This has always been the case; consider one of the earliest English

translations of the Bible, which omitted the word “not” in a critical location. The resulting Bible had the ten commandments instructing “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Correcting spelling/grammatical errors is much easier today than it was back in the 1600s, but it is still an important issue, and one that you should not leave to your computer’s automated spell checker!

Why Spell Checkers Fail

Your spell checker will probably catch most misspelled words, but there are a few errors that it will almost always miss:

Misspelled proper nouns (like the name of your company!)

A misspelled word that spells a different word correctly (like “boon,” “nook,” or “boom” instead of “book”)

A misspelled word that your autocorrect function has “corrected” into the wrong word

Only a pair of sharp human eyes will spot these errors and correct them.

How Important are Errors?

You probably feel that one or two errors across several web pages is a pretty good statistic. But the truth is, those errors severely hurt your credibility with readers. Worse yet, a spelling error in a critical spot could sabotage your entire SEO effort. If you don’t have an SEO consultant in Florida checking your tags, META descriptions, and other important pieces of text, you could be ranking far down on search results because Google thinks you are selling “cook boons” instead of cook books.

Other Deadly Details

Spelling and grammar aren’t the only critical details that an SEO consultant in Florida takes care of for you. There are a multitude of selection boxes, picture sizing options, banner placements, font sizes, broken link checkups, and other responsibilities that you probably don’t have time to work on. Neglecting them, however, will waste money and hurt your site’s visibility. Give us a call to talk about getting the devil out of your website’s details.

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