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Rules of Real Estate (and Florida Online Marketing Services) Part One

If you’ve ever shopped for a house, you are probably familiar with the first three rules of real estate: location, location, and location. This saying is meant to emphasize that your new home’s

surroundings are extremely important, but we can apply it to your website in a slightly different way. Today, your Florida online marketing services expert shows you why “location” promises to become a more important term in 2015 than ever before.

Florida Online Marketing Consultant: Location Services Get Priority

In the last few years, Florida online marketing services have seen search engines become very, very friendly to businesses that operate on a local basis. From the searcher’s perspective, this means that typing in a subject + city name as a keyword phrase will inevitably yield a few great suggestions as the top search results. But if you try that as an experiment, you will probably notice that the top few results you see are actually not those businesses’ official websites; they are listings with Google Places, Yelp, and other location services.

Details at a Glance

Your Florida online marketing consultant can tell you that those brief location service entries are highly useful to searchers. They include most of the information that the searcher wants to see right off the bat: the business’s name, an idea of its location, a snippet describing its specialties, and perhaps the most influential bit of info of all: a summary of the service’s customer reviews.

Get Reviewed!

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of customer reviews for potential customers. Getting good reviews on your website is helpful, but if your Florida online marketing consultant can get them on Google Places, it’s far more helpful because they show up right on the search results page. In our next blogpost, we’ll go into a little more detail on Florida online marketing services to get your business—but not necessarily your home page—up front and center when someone searches for your service in your city.

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