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Palmettosoft Helps Client Grow By Over 300% In Two Years


PalmettoSoft, a digital marketing consultancy based in South Carolina, recently received a very positive testimonial from one of its clients that vividly illustrates the power of expert SEO and other online marketing services to increase business for organizations that make full use of them. The president of Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics reported that after entrusting the company’s digital marketing to PalmettoSoft for two years, business has tripled and the company has hired multiple new employees in order to handle the increased load. PalmettoSoft looks forward to helping more clients power their growth through search engine optimization, Google Ads, website design, and other online marketing strategies.


As a digital marketing consultancy with many years of experience, PalmettoSoft is a powerful partner for organizations that want to boost or launch from scratch their online marketing presence. Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics, a small business specializing in fireworks displays for all types of special events, made the choice two years ago to work with PalmettoSoft to build a website and conduct a digital marketing strategy. The company’s president, Brent Munnerlyn, recently provided an update on how the advertising campaign has increased business at Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics.

According to Brent, “In just two years Rhett’s work has increased my business by over 300%.” Rhett DeMille, the head of PalmettoSoft, works with a decentralized team of experts to accomplish SEO and PPC activities in a very agile and effective manner. PalmettoSoft began its partnership with Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics by building a new website, then focusing on strategic keywords in a digital marketing campaign that quickly drove the company’s website to the top of the search results pages in Google for those keywords.

Brent Munnerlyn remembers that two years ago, the PalmettoSoft team gave estimates on how quickly and to what extent the digital marketing efforts would yield search visibility and increased inbound leads to the company. Today, Brent says that those estimates were very conservative compared with the results that Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics experienced–business has increased over 300% in that time, and the organization has hired several new employees in order to handle the additional work.

While SEO and other digital marketing activities are complex and their results can never be confidently predicted ahead of time, partnering with an experienced SEO consultancy like PalmettoSoft is the best way for an organization to make full use of the Internet to reach its key audience. The story of Munnerlyn Pyrotechnics is similar to those of many of PalmettoSoft’s other clients, some of which can be found on the consultancy’s website, www.palmettosoft.com.

The PalmettoSoft team keeps a close eye on developments within the ever-changing world of digital marketing, helping its clients adjust and stay as effective as possible. With every campaign, expert managers analyze the performance of paid ads and organic SEO activities on an ongoing basis, making changes when needed to get their clients’ brands in front of as many potential customers as possible. Business owners interested in growing through online marketing can contact PalmettoSoft at 888-275-9221.

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