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PalmettoSoft Earns Important Amazon Advertising Certification

Amazon Advertising Certification

Recently, we were proud to earn another certification in our list of credentials, which give confidence to our clients that our team is highly qualified to manage their digital marketing campaigns. This certification, focused on advertising within Amazon’s vast marketplace, holds great advantages for PalmettoSoft’s e-commerce clients.

Read on to learn about the Amazon certification, what it means, and how PalmettoSoft plans to use its collective digital marketing skills to drive growth for its e-commerce clients on the world’s biggest retail platform.

Amazon Retail for Advertisers Certification

Amazon offers its Amazon Retail for Advertisers certification as a credential to show that a digital marketing consultancy is knowledgeable about Amazon’s infrastructure, aware of the requirements related to advertising on the retail website, and qualified to help sellers make the most of Amazon’s advertising potential.

The certification is awarded after a participant passes a test on Amazon’s processes, procedures, and policies, demonstrating that they understand Amazon’s specific system and can help e-commerce clients both abide by the rules and attract the attention of potential customers browsing the site.

PalmettoSoft is proud to have passed the test with flying colors and earned the right to display its Amazon Retail for Advertisers certification on its website, along with its Google Partner and other certifications showing the Amazon marketing consultancy’s expertise in digital marketing across the Internet’s most important platforms.

Why Amazon?

In recent years, e-commerce has become one of the most critical segments of the global economy, particularly with the temporary and permanent closures of brick-and-mortar retail locations during the COVID-19 pandemic. As customer purchasing has moved online, the established digital retailers have gained even more attention and the lion’s share of ordering activity.

While there are a number of large online retail platforms that do billions of dollars of business, such as Wal-Mart, Target, and Alibaba, Amazon is the undisputed leader in the field. It is the first–and often only–resource for many customers, who understand that the enormous network of both “fulfilled by Amazon” (FBA) and private e-commerce sellers on the platform is a fantastic resource for finding exactly what they are looking for at competitive prices.

With huge volumes of both buyers and sellers active on Amazon, it is a highly profitable yet potentially confusing source of revenue for e-commerce companies looking to break into the marketplace. That’s where an Amazon advertising agency like PalmettoSoft comes in.

Reaching Amazon Shoppers

More than simply a database of products offered for sale, Amazon hosts its own sophisticated search engine, which responds to shopper queries by providing exact matches, related products, suggested categories, and of course, sponsored ads.

These sponsored ads are selected based on keyword analysis of shopper search entries, in a similar manner to the ads that appear above organic Google search results. Sponsored ads are extremely effective on Amazon, where the searcher is already known to have an interest in making a purchase when they conduct their keyword search.

Setting up a campaign for advertising on Amazon is a complex process, requiring a thorough analysis of keyword competition, prediction of potential pitfalls such as ads served for unrelated keyword searches (i.e., showing ads for software tools when the search keyword was “garden tools”!), and effective management of campaign timing.

Trust PalmettoSoft for Amazon Advertising Success

PalmettoSoft, as an agile, highly experienced digital marketing consultancy, has the resources and expertise in house to help clients achieve success advertising on Amazon. Our team understands the Amazon landscape and can help your e-commerce offerings fit within it in a way that catches the eyes of the right customers at the right time.

Marketing on Amazon is incredibly effective when done correctly! However, a campaign that is launched as a “learning experience” or with the assumption that the system will be easy to learn quickly is doomed to not only miss out on critical customer interactions, but also waste a lot of money along the way. With the help of PalmettoSoft, your company can become an e-commerce expert on Amazon overnight.

PalmettoSoft–A Full Service Digital Marketing Consultancy

In addition to Amazon, PalmettoSoft specializes in digital marketing with Google Ads, which serves an even larger audience of global customers. Between its expert pay-per-click, website design, organic SEO, and reputation management services, PalmettoSoft is your resource for all the digital marketing services your e-commerce company needs. Contact us today!

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