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Website Design

PalmettoSoft specializes in website design for small to medium sized businesses in the Charleston, SC area.

WordPress Development

WordPress is the world’s no1 website design platform, and PalmettoSoft’s certified designers produce Charleston’s small and medium business websites.

woocommerce seo

WooCommerce Development

Effective Ecommerce SEO gets your goods and services found fast, and PalmettoSoft is Charleston’s known Ecommerce SEO agency.

Our Web Design Process

Web Design Process


Understand scope, expectations, budget range and customer requirements


Size, scope, expectations, assumptions, terms/conditions and fees are clearly documented


Create navigation structure of the website to include main links and sub links


The wireframe is a not-to-scale set of black and white blueprints much like an architect would create before a house is constructed. Change Orders (COs) can begin at this time. COs reflect a change in the scope (i.e. new work) of the project from the client side and they affect the timeline and budget of the project.


All copy, images, videos, links, etc. are collected. This information is determined by the wireframe.


Development schedule is determined once the above steps are complete


Create mockup design based on client meetings, wireframe and collected content.


Buildout of website.


Send the beta website to client via a link to the PS test server.


Upon client approval, migrate new website from test server to live server.

Recent Web Design Projects

Our web design services include WordPress website design, Responsive website design, WooCommerce development, and SEO friendly content optimized for Search Engines.

Build Your Online Identity, On Time and On Budget.

Your website represents your organization online to a global audience. Choose a designer that can match your site to your brand, your mission, and your audience.

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PalmettoSoft – Hire Top Local Jacksonville Web Design Company

Create a unique, powerful website for your business.

There’s no room for a trial-and-error approach when it comes to the design of your website. Rather than taking years to become an expert web designer on your own, you need to launch a highly functioning, attractive website as soon as possible. PalmettoSoft, a trusted web design company in Jacksonville FL, can help you do just that with efficient communication and a lot of experience in creating great web pages that your audience will respond to.

Local Jacksonville Web Design Company
Local Jacksonville Web Design Company

Your Source for Superior Web Design in Jacksonville

When it comes to web design, Jacksonville businesses need two primary factors: experience and versatility. PalmettoSoft has the experience necessary to quickly and efficiently build a website that looks great, works well, and serves the online audience with the speed and functionality that the modern Internet user has come to expect. We also offer a very high degree of versatility, customizing every feature of your website so that it perfectly matches the branding, goals, and customers of your unique business.

We’ve been doing web design in Jacksonville for over a decade, and our portfolio gives you a look at some of our most successful clients. We’d love to meet you and tell you more about how our experience and versatility can lead to fantastic web design for your Jacksonville business.

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