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Is Myrtle Beach Web Design Dead? (Part One of Two)

Have you heard the rumors about web design? Some people are saying that it’s losing its vitality…getting weaker…in fact, a few experts even claim that it’s dead already. Well, there have been plenty

of false rumors about the death of different people over the years, and it seems that this is one of those false rumors. But why did this rumor arise in the first place? It’s worth our time to look at the very real facts that have some experts jumping to the wrong conclusion about web design.

Alternatives to the Website

One of the biggest recent trends in Internet marketing that your Myrtle Beach web design service has seen is the expansion of important marketing outlets that are not your company’s website. The most important ones include:
•Your Facebook page
•Your Google Maps listing
•Mobile apps
•Depending on your specific product or service, your YouTube channel, Pinterest wall, or Instagram account

As people increasingly rely on these services to find the things they want to buy, some experts claim that your company’s actual website will become less and less important. But should you really consider ditching your website and focusing all your efforts on boosting those social media accounts and building a mobile app?

Why Your Myrtle Beach Web Design Service Still Matters

The short answer is this: people will still want to visit your company’s website. In fact, the visitors that will click through from your Facebook page and Google Maps listing are the most important ones—people who want more information and are looking for a way to contact you directly. In our next blogpost, we will show you why it’s a mistake to think about your website and your social media accounts as separate projects. With the right Myrtle Beach web design service helping you, they can all work together as one very effective marketing machine.

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