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Ingredients for Partnership With the Florida Online Marketing Consultant

When your Florida online marketing consultant tells you that the plan is for your company to publish two blog posts, two industry articles, and a press release every month, what is your reaction? Maybe

you quickly add up the average word count per month (roughly 1,700) and wonder how all that content is going to get written. Maybe you question whether that much material can even be written on the subject of your company’s products or services! While writing long form web content isn’t most people’s strong suit, it isn’t a deep mystery either. An effective partnership with your SEO consultant can produce lots of great content every month that leads directly to new customers.

You Provide the Ideas

No one knows your business better than you do. While your Florida online marketing consultant and his team will do the bulk of the actual content writing, the basic ideas and topics should come from you. You can inform your consultant about upcoming conferences or events that you will be participating in, new business developments or staff members, and individual products or services that you want to promote. The writer will then expand that basic information into a readable, interesting post or article.

We Provide the Content

Think of your blog post as a pot of soup. You provide the main ingredient (the topic), but your writer adds plenty of other ingredients: keyword optimization, a writing style that matches the venue, an intriguing first paragraph, external and internal links, an appropriate stock photo, and plenty of other features. The finished product is a piece that will show up on keyword searches, attract readers, and direct those readers toward your company’s main website.

The best content gives you a short-term boost in SEO and also a long-term one, as each blogpost and article contributes to your site’s permanent network of pages and links. Ask your Florida online marketing consultant about more great SEO practices and how we can help you improve your search rankings.

Thanks for your time and please comment or share your experiences below!

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