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How to Increase Your Conversion Rate and SEO Ranking by Focusing on Content

Whether you’re a blogger, an e-commerce store owner, or do anything to make money online, chances are you’re following the traditional tried-and-tested methods. These involve creating and uploading content, using social media and PPC campaigns to distribute your content and ads, and running a website for people to convert.

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However, the most time-consuming part is creating the content in the first place, which can prove difficult if you’re running out of ideas. But with some creativity and understanding of how search engines interact with your content, you can write great material that attracts readers and boosts your search results page rankings.

Let’s find out everything you need to know.

Implement Heat Mapping

If you’ve not heard of heat mapping yet, you’re in for a treat. Heat mapping is an innovative platform that allows you to convert your website into a visual representation of how people are interacting and engaging with your content.

The most common way to use this is to run the software on your website to see what people are looking at. The result would be something like this. Using this imagery, you can see exactly where leads are interacting and clicking through your website, allowing you to make the correct edits to your content that will generate more sales.

Host Feedback Surveys

There are two parties that know your business better than anyone in the world: you and your customers. Once you’ve got some customers making purchases, there’s no better way to improve what you’re doing than asking for a review or testimonial on the services they were provided.

Include ‘Smart’ Calls to Action

If you’ve written your content effectively, you’ve probably included a call to action at the bottom of your post or page. However, it can be incredibly effective to review your past content and add a much smaller, much more subtle call to action that can help to guide the reader into your sales funnel before they’ve even finished reading your content.

This is great to get people intune with the message you’re trying to communicate. Using a two-step opt-in method is also a great way to get people excited about opting into your business and buying your products. The more excitement, the better you’ll perform.

Re-Optimizing Your Content

If your content is getting older and older, it’s worth remembering that the SEO guidelines may have changed since you first uploaded it.
Give careful attention to the placement of your website’s calls to action.

This means you’ll need to go through all your content to make sure that it’s accurate, inline with the official guidelines, and won’t drag down your SEO score and therefore your conversion rate. This also means regularly doing keyword research and making sure that you’re picking the best ones for the best effect.

Using Online Tools

Of course, another, more simpler approach is to physically go through all your content, either editing it to make it perfect (better SEO ranking) or rewriting it completely and turning it into new content. While this can be time-consuming in itself, here are some tools that can help you out:

Respinning Popular Titles

Using your analytical software or platform, you’ll be able to order your posts, so you can easily see your highest performing posts. You can then take these titles and spin them into more popular content for your business.

The more high-performance pieces you have, the more likely you can draw traffic and engagement to your website or posts, but also have more high quality content for your SEO ranking to be based on.

Update Your Visuals

If your old content is using old visuals, this is in no way going to compare with the visuals that are freely available today for your business to use. If you’ve ever used Unsplash, you’ll already know what we’re talking about.

Go through and review every single bit of content on your website to make sure that it looks the best it possibly can, therefore providing the best experience possible.


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