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Google Webmaster Tool Setup

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

If you own a website and want to learn more information about potential issues and/or user data, you can use Google Webmaster Tools, and it is a great resource. Google Webmaster Tools is a

free service software that basically gives you the tools to ensure your site is easily crawled by Google and you are able to do “best practice” activities like uploading a sitemap, creating a list of any broken links the site has, etc… Google Webmaster Tools is a free account and you all you have to do is set it up.

First Step:

Visit Google and type in “Google Webmaster Tools.” On this page, there is a link for you to create an account. It is important to know you cannot use Google Webmaster Tools unless you have setup an account.

Second Step:

After you have created the account and signed in, you need to select the option for “adding a site.” When, completed, you then need to verify the same. It is very important to verify your website, otherwise, the data will not be gathered and nothing can be analyzed. The main reason for site verification is to prove ownership of the website. In the event you already have a Google Analytics account, verification can be done through this system with a few simple steps.

Other Ways to Verify:

There are other ways to verify your website such as uploading a file which can be scanned by Google, or adding some meta information/code to the main page of your site and a 3rdoption is by manipulating your DNS configuration.

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