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Florida Online Marketing Consultant: Coming in for a Landing (Page)

People, as a general rule, are lazy. All you have to do to prove the point is pay attention to the way you yourself surf the Web. If you are looking for a new toaster to buy, which page are you more likely

to buy it from?

  • The search result for “best toaster” takes you to the home page of an online appliance store. You must then find the toasters section and click on each model to find pricing and reviews.

  • The search result takes you directly to a page displaying 25 toasters, with prices clearly marked and customer reviews just one click away.

Your Florida online marketing consultant can tell you that minimizing the number of steps a potential customer has to take on your website has a dramatic impact on his likelihood to close a sale. This is where the landing page comes in.

Where Do Your Searchers Land?

If your business sells a number of different services or products, it can be disastrous to direct all keyword search traffic to your home page. Instead of interpreting the information on the page, finding a dropdown menu, and heading to the right category subpage, the searcher is likely to just reverse course back to the search results page. If your Florida online marketing consultant has set up a landing page for each of your key products or services, though, the searcher ends up right where he wants to be.

Setting Up the Landing Pages

Deciding how many different landing pages you need and what they should look like will be a process tailored to your website. Too many landing pages with very similar written copy could get you in trouble with the search algorithms, so it takes the expertise of a Florida online marketing consultant to build an effective set of pages.

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