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Florida Internet Marketing: the SEO Treadmill

On January 1, something will happen that would be very confusing to alien observers. Suddenly, millions of people around the world will catch the “exercise bug.” Seemingly without coordination, people who

previously displayed little interest in their physical health will start jogging, attending the gym, and buying expensive equipment. That’s right—it’s New Year’s resolution time! The image of the treadmill, one of the most popular items associated with exercising, reminds online marketing companies in Florida how good SEO works. Will your website thrive this year, or will it taper off and disappear like so many New Year’s resolutions do?

Start the Treadmill

You can’t start working out on your brand new treadmill unless you plug it in and hit the “start” button. In the same way, your website won’t climb the rankings until you have one of the best online marketing companies in Florida analyze your pages, revamp their content, and set up great META descriptions, title tags, navigation, and other SEO elements. Once that’s done, you’re on your way to better SEO health!

Keep Running

If you try to stand still while your treadmill is running, you’ll soon find yourself seated on the floor behind it. If you stop your SEO efforts with website remodeling, it will slip off the first search results page and keep sliding downward. Here are some of the ways your website keeps running and building its SEO fitness:

  • Posting creative, news-related blogposts on a frequent basis
  • Publishing to external directory and press release websites
  • Maintaining meaningful activity across many different social media sites
  • Staying aware of search engine algorithm updates and responding appropriately

Enjoy the Results!

The best part of exercise is, of course, the improvement to your physical health. Just as the dedicated exerciser reaps compliments on his dramatic weight loss everywhere he goes, the work of online marketing companies in Florida benefits your website—in the form of prime search page positions, increased traffic, and a high rate of conversion. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the SEO treadmill!

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