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Florida Internet Marketing Agency: How to Build a Link Empire

Links to and from your company’s website are some of the most important factors in its visibility on the Internet. Early on, the Florida Internet marketing agency realized that links are a kind of

“holy grail” for gauging the quality of any given website, and they programmed their engines to look closely at how many links a site has on it, where they lead, and what other sites link to it. Of course, in time people caught on to this fact and started trying to cheat the system. Search engines, websites, and Florida Internet marketing firms continue to perform a complicated sparring match over this issue.

The Good Links

There are basically two really good, always-useful, profitable kinds of links to have associated with your site:

  • For inbound links (links that lead from other sites to yours), the most profitable ones come from reputable, well-known websites that serve lots of visitors. Links to your site from Wikipedia, a mainstream news website, or WebMD would be an appropriate reason for you to begin dancing in the street.
  • Your Florida Internet marketing agency has much more control over outbound links. Insert links in your blog posts and web pages to the same kinds of official, reputable sites.

The Bad Links

Some links, instead of helping your website, will hurt it by earning you penalties from the search engines. These usually come from one of the following irresponsible practices:

  • Trading, buying, or selling links with other websites. The engines have become very good at spotting links that are artificial, usually indicating that you simply manufactured a lot of links to random sites by offering something in return.
  • Getting inbound links from a blog or directory that is set up exclusively to manufacture those links. It’s not hard to see when a blog has no useful content other than hundreds of links to other websites!
  • Be careful about what sites you link to. Spend a little time on a site before you create a link to it, making sure it’s a website you would be comfortable visiting. Don’t send your visitors to a site that could threaten their security or privacy!

Florida Internet Marketing: The Bottom Line

Building a high quality network of links is very complex—we haven’t even mentioned the part that social media likes, shares, and links play in it. You probably don’t have time to keep up with the ever-changing details of SEO, but you can hire a Florida Internet marketing agencywho does. Your website—and ultimately your business—will reap the benefits.

Thanks for your time and please comment or share your experiences below!

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