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Columbia SEO News: Google and Twitter Will Team Up in May

You may or may not remember that a few years back, Google and Twitter tried out a system in which Tweets would appear as Google search results. The partnership was short-lived, ran its

course, and kind of fizzled out. Now, however, the two big-name sites are ready to give a close relationship another chance. Here’s what is predicted to happen in May and what it might mean for Columbia SEO.

Hashtags Everywhere!

Once the partnership officially takes effect, expect to see individual Tweets appear within the “normal” Google search results. This doesn’t mean, though, that you’ll suddenly have to sift through thousands of mindless musings posted by teens to find useful search results. The only Tweets that will appear in Google are ones that are already visible to the public on Twitter, and presumably Google will apply its well-known standards to display only content that users will find useful.

The Benefit for Twitter

Twitter’s goal in putting public Tweets on Google’s search results pages is, quite simply, to get more people to visit Twitter. It appears to be a solid strategy: if people notice during a Google search that Tweets are concise, fun ways to get the information they’re looking for, they just might dive in and create a Twitter account themselves.

The Benefit for You and Your Columbia SEO Company

Business owners will have a new reason to give their attention to Twitter, even if in the past they have questioned whether it was a good fit for them. Tweeting on a regular basis provides an avenue by which you can reach people with content that’s slightly different from what they normally see. Just as videos and images stand out and attract the eye of a Google searcher, our Columbia SEO company anticipates that Tweets in the search results will do the same.

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