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Building Better SEO in SC with Longtail Keywords

The term “longtail keyword” almost sounds as if it is referring to a rare wild bird, rather than a feature of successful SEO! SC website managers have begun to recognize the value of identifying and utilizing

longtail keywords, particularly in the context of blogposts. Read on to find out just what they are and how they can help.

Longer than the Average Keyword

A search for the phrase “windows columbia sc” will turn up a useful list of links. But the phrase “glass block privacy windows in columbia, sc” might yield the perfect link for your purposes right away. Google users are recognizing that the engine is powerful enough to interpret those long, complex keyword strings and turn them into focused results. You can profit from this capability by incorporating longer, more specific keyword phrases in your blogposts and other content, rather than simply using brief, generic phrases for SEO in SC.

Generality vs. Specificity

You may wonder: if I use long, complex phrases, won’t I only get views from people who search for those exact phrases? Not really, because most longtail keywords include general keyword phrases as well. In our example above, the phrases “glass block,” “privacy windows,” and “windows in Columbia sc” are all part of the longer keyword phrase. Longer phrases are actually a great way to expand the number of searches your site appears on.

All About the Keywords

The more keyword phrases appear on your site, the more the search engines will have to look at. Frequency of blog posts is thus a major consideration—more postings give you more opportunity to use a variety of phrases, including longtail keywords that will feature in general searches as well as the more specific ones. Contact us today to find out how we can help you accomplish better SEO in SC with these and other powerful techniques.

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