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A Few Myrtle Beach SEO Gift Ideas for Your Company

As you compile your annual Christmas gift list, don’t forget to add your company! What exactly would your business like to receive this year? Well, every nice Christmas gift is something that is useful,

thoughtful, and hopefully at least a little bit fun. There are lots of Myrtle Beach SEO services that fit those descriptions, and a few of them might be just right for your company. If you would like to do something really special for your business this year (and for your profits in 2016), consider these thoughtful gift ideas that you won’t find at your local shopping mall—they’re only available through your trusted Myrtle Beach SEO company.

A Pinterest Account

Pinterest has an uncanny ability to turn otherwise normal people into picture-browsing addicts. This social media site sets itself apart from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn by its reliance on images rather than text. If your company sells consumer products, Pinterest should absolutely be a central part of your Internet marketing campaign. Even if you sell services that don’t lend themselves to photography, you may be surprised at the potential for reaching a large customer base on Pinterest. Infographics, local interest photos, humor, photos of your offices/facilities, and other creative use of images could be just the kind of Myrtle Beach SEO that your business could use this holiday season.

A Pay Per Click Campaign

A pay per click campaign is a gift that your business will start using right away, just like the bikes that the kids jump onto as soon as they see them. As soon as your Myrtle Beach SEO company sets up your Google AdWords campaign, identifies your target keywords, and writes the ads, website traffic typically increases very quickly. This is one of the more expensive gifts in our list—you’ll need a monthly budget to pay for the ads that users click on. But it’s hard to beat in terms of fast results and great sales leads.

Myrtle Beach SEO Landing Pages

A collection of landing pages is a great new addition to your website for the holidays. Landing pages are secondary areas of your website, primarily designed to target search engine users who are looking for specific products or services that you sell. Someone who visits your home page will probably not navigate to one of these pages, but someone who conducts a search for one of your key products is likely to see that product’s landing page show up near the top of the search results if you have optimized it correctly. Once on the landing page, the user is encouraged to visit the primary pages of your website to learn more about your company.

Motion Graphic Videos

If you are looking to add something to your website’s home page that will be different, creative, and eye-catching, a motion graphic video is just the thing. For someone who is unfamiliar with your business, watching a video can be much more entertaining and effective intro than reading headlines and text that explain your process. Launching a new product or line of services? Use a video to get the word out, not only on your website, but embedded in emails, Facebook posts, and on YouTube.

This doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, do-it-yourself Christmas gift! Our Myrtle Beach SEO company can produce your motion graphic video at surprisingly affordable rates, working with you closely so that the final product is seamlessly integrated into your business’s existing branding and style.

A Whitepaper

A whitepaper is a long-form, highly professional, authoritative document that aims to educate the public about something within your area of expertise. Whereas most web content is sales-directed and blogposts are intended to be casual and readable, whitepapers are primarily informational. Combining your knowledge with our writing results in a document that shows your website’s visitors that you are a trustworthy expert on the subject! This is a great addition to your online content that nicely balances out the more promotional elements on your site.

Your Myrtle Beach SEO Headquarters

We look forward to talking with you about these and our other great SEO services. Treat your company to an SEO boost leading into the new year, and you’ll love the increased traffic and other results. Happy holidays!

Thanks for your time and please comment or share your experiences below!

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