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A Big, Scary Question for Myrtle Beach SEO

We normally try to avoid big, scary questions. That’s because we suspect that the answers are going to push us toward making changes in the routines and behaviors with which we have become so

comfortable. But if you can muster up the courage to confront a big, scary question that you know you really should address, after you have worked through the uncomfortable answer you just may find yourself miles ahead of where you were before…and ready to face the future with much more confidence.

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Those statements are probably a little confusing without a definite example to illustrate them. Fortunately, we have a great example, which is very timely for Myrtle Beach SEO professionals. The big, scary question we want to confront head-on is this: Should we be thinking about what SEO will look like once Google fades into the background?

First, let’s address the obvious follow-up question: who says that Google is going to fade into the background? No one can say it with absolute certainty, but history is definitely on the side of people who claim that Google’s sun has risen and is eventually going to set just like those of most other highly successful companies. That’s not to say that Google will die out or become a non-player, but a Myrtle Beach SEO expert with a sense of perspective should expect the huge gap between the search volumes of Google and its competitors to narrow and eventually disappear. It’s simply expected in our capitalistic system that someone with better ideas will come along and successfully challenge Google’s dominance.

Position One: Google Will Always Be Dominant

One possible answer to our big, scary question is that a local SEO company will always see Google as the main driver of its activities. That’s been the case for several decades now, and as long as Google continues to push itself, what’s to stop it from remaining at the forefront of technological progress? Supporting this viewpoint is the fact that today, Google has a number of irons in the fire, from self-driving cars to a neural network that will revolutionize keyword search rankings yet again. The folks behind Google certainly seem committed to never allowing the company to rest on its success but rather always working to create the next news-making innovation.

Position Two: Google Will Be Replaced

Even today, with Google as the unchallenged king of Internet search, smart Myrtle Beach SEO companies avoid putting all their eggs in Google’s basket. Bing and Yahoo! enjoy small but significant segments of the Internet search audience, and truth be told, Bing offers users some nice features that they can’t find on Google. Your local SEO agency, for instance, is probably drawn to the user-friendly, sophisticated pay-per-click system that Bing incorporates into its search pages. One could argue that with a few more good ideas, Bing could quickly start grabbing a lot more attention from searchers and Myrtle Beach SEO experts.

Let’s not forget that Google is also developing an image that it doesn’t necessarily want. The convenience features of Google search that many people enjoy are driven by something that many of those same people are uncomfortable with: data collecting. The more people become aware of just how much information Google is collecting about their search history, email content, and other activities, the more likely they are to actively look for a more private search option. If a search engine like DuckDuckGo, which collects no user information, can compete with Google on the quality level, that could be a real recipe for trouble at Google.

What an Organic SEO Company Should Do

The difficulty for a Myrtle Beach SEO company is the same as the difficulty for all of us: we easily get comfortable in a rut, and we resist getting out of it. But to offer its clients the best possible service not only today but in future years as well, a local SEO company should constantly have its eyes on the services that could become just as important—or more so—than Google within the next few years.

The Myrtle Beach SEO experts at PalmettoSoft are ready to help you reach and keep those top search rankings on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and whatever other search engines come on the scene. Get in touch with us today to learn how.

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