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Internet marketing has become the most important advertising strategy available to your business. That’s a bold statement, but the truth is that so many people use online methods to find products and services that no company can afford to ignore their activity. In addition to that, online marketing offers advertisers an incredible amount of audience targeting ability—far more cost-effective than showing a TV commercial, billboard, or mailer to thousands of people who aren’t interested. For businesses located in Aiken, SEO is the most effective form of Internet marketing out there.

Getting Started with SEO Services in Aiken

What exactly will an SEO company in Aiken, SC do for your business? The first step is to find out how your company’s website is currently performing in comparison with its direct competitors. That means finding out what keywords people search for in Google to find your products or services, and what websites show up at the top of those search results. Those are your competitors, and the goal is to adjust your website and practice off-page strategies to move your company’s name to the top of those results.

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On-Page Aiken SEO

Your website might already look very nice, but people will not find it unless the written content on its pages accurately lets the search engines know what your business is all about. Once we have identified the keyword phrases that your site will be optimized for, we revise its current content, write new “landing pages” to highlight those important phrases, and adjust the meta descriptions, title tags, and other technical elements of your site to best target those keywords.

Off-Page SEO Services in Aiken

Did you know that what happens outside the limits of your website also has a big impact on your search results page rankings? One of the major factors in Aiken SEO is inbound linking. In the past, some companies actually paid other websites just to post random links to their content, but that kind of simplistic “playing the system” will actually earn you a ranking penalty from Google today. We use responsible, organic, and effective strategies to create natural inbound links from websites like business directories, classifieds, and Q&As.

Other Aiken SEO Strategies

The activities described above are just the beginning when it comes to marketing your Aiken business online. Our services include regular posting to your company’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other sites in order to keep your name in front of your local audience. Interested in getting a serious traffic boost through a pay-per-click campaign? Let our Google AdWords experts get you started. We look forward to talking with you about how we can help you drive your website ahead of the competition.


  • First, I want to say that PalmettoSoft is a great company to work with. Very hands-on and responsive and pro-active – I wish we had started together a few years ago! I TRULY appreciate all of the extra effort your team has put into my account.

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    PalmettoSoft has played an integral role in optimization of our website. The team took the time to understand our unique business model and is constantly offering suggestions in ways to garner more traffic to our website. Their up-to-date knowledge on SEO strategies has propelled our site to the 1st page of all the major search engines which in turn increases traffic to our site and dollars to our bottom line!

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  • Rhett, this Newsletter that PalmettoSoft developed for us looks awesome; you and your team crushed it.

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    Thanks for your service and it looks like we are making our way to number one on Google.

  • I'm excited about our new “Benefits Connection” page!!! LOOKS FANTASTIC!!!

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