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Wholistic SEO for Business – A more complete understanding

Complete SEO is Wholistic SEO

Before we begin, I realize the correct way to spell “holistic” is with an “h” and not a “w.”  Since this subject is a bit theoretical, I wanted to try and coin a new phrase that matches my thoughts on the


Most of the general public and many optimizers think that SEO (search engine optimization) simply means enhancing websites for high search results rankings. This understanding is only marginally true and does not provide a truly accurate picture into the complex science of SEO. In addition, it does not address all high level (overview looking down) parts of the field.  How do I make this claim? Let’s think about it in layman’s terms:  Businesses typically hire an SEO firm with the desire to ultimately earn more revenue via increased search engine exposure for their products and services.  Immediately, this ‘should’ sound like a long term (not one-time), customized and dedicated budget strategy. In addition, Wholistic SEO can/should affect the look, feel and message (and more) of the company website.  You can imagine that as new keyword phrases are targeted, they can have a profound impact on ‘what’ and ‘how much’ a company sells.

As you are reading this, you may see I am building a case that Wholistic SEO is a serious strategy for a business… and in some cases… can either make or break a business model. At PalmettoSoft, we explain what Wholistic SEO is as one of the first objectives when meeting a potential client. By doing so, it helps to better educate the customer and sets the stage for a much better working relationship moving forward.  With a better understanding, the client tends to allocate a higher budget, and in addition, may even dedicate supporting internal resources towards their Wholistic SEO initiatives.

Commodity SEO:  Get out the of kid pool and rinse off, you are in the wrong place

Commodities are basically anything that can be bought or sold at cheap prices by many producers—and quality SEO is not as simple as creating a brochure.  When trying to find a great attorney, would you haggle over his hourly rate? Probably not, because you realize his/her time is valuable and you are ultimately paying for their expertise and experience in order to get something accomplished. Then why do optimizers offer competing “packages” with numbers of keywords at certain prices to the public?  I’ll tell you why… they think it’s what the public wants to see and it ultimately drives down the quality and effectiveness of SEO.  I have nothing against attorneys and the fine work that most of them do, but we are not ambulance chasers; and should not present ourselves in that manner.

In Summary, Wholistic SEO is serious business for the Serious Business

Wholistic SEO is the practice of coordinating business goals, message, budget and long term product/service development via the Internet. It is not a cheap and/or low quality service, nor should it be offered in that manner.  Thank you for reading my post today and we look forward to the possibility of working with you.

About the Author: Rhett DeMille, the owner PalmettoSoft LLC, is a leading search engine optimization consultant located in the Charlotte NC area.

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