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Web Design Services in South Carolina: Step By Step

When we talk with a new client about creating a website for them, it’s usually because they either don’t yet have a website for their business, or the website they currently have was poorly designed in the first place, causing them nothing but frustration. In either case, it’s understandable that the client would be worried that working with a provider of web design services in South Carolina to build a new site might consume unwelcome amounts of their valuable time. In reality, though, the website design process can be very easy and painless if it’s handled by a team that really knows what it’s doing. Here’s the step-by-step approach that we use at PalmettoSoft to build great websites with minimal interruption to our clients’ normal business operations.

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Sketching Out the Site

One of the foundations of our website design process is the idea that the more details you can work out in the planning phase, the shorter and easier the overall process will be. We use a detailed wireframe system to lay out the basics of your future website, showing you a sketch that indicates where banner images, headings, text, contact details, input forms, logos, and other elements will appear on each page. Once we agree on the navigation structure and layout of the pages, we know that we can plug the content into it later and have a result that everyone likes.

During this phase, we also work with you to settle on a color scheme and other design features that appropriately reflect the existing branding of your company. We want your new website to be a great extension of your organization, not a brand new concept that comes out of our own heads! Ideally, organic SEO is also a part of your website’s design from the earliest stages, as we identify important search keywords that our writers will later incorporate into the written content of the site.

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Gathering the Content

The content gathering phase of web design in Charleston, SC is the one that demands the most collaboration between our team and you, the client. We want to populate your website with photos, company logos, and other elements that represent your organization in a unique way, and most of those can only come from you! We guide you through the process as specifically as we can, suggesting what types of photos would be best for each page of the website and telling you exactly what file types work best for the logos and other graphics that we need from you.

Fortunately, you don’t need to write the text copy for your website! Our professional writers, who consult with you to get the information they need about your company, have years of experience creating written content that attracts and holds the attention of readers, efficiently delivers the information about your products or services that your audience needs, and encourages your website visitors to get in touch with you to learn more. Once our writers create that written content, they send it to you so that you can review it and make sure that the information is accurate, that you like the style and tone, and that we are presenting your organization to the online world in just the right way.

Build and Launch

Thanks to that detailed planning stage at the beginning of the process, the task of actually plugging the approved written content, photos, and graphics into the website’s layout goes fairly quickly and easily. There may be minor adjustments along the way to get everything to look just right, but once we build the site and present it to the client for final approval, we nearly always find that we’re ready to go live in no time.

Once we launch the site, we continue working closely with you, providing warranty service and usually continuing to conduct monthly SEO activities to help your brand new website climb the keyword search rankings and attract more visitors.

That didn’t seem so hard, did it? To find out just how easy and convenient it is to build a website with the help of the PalmettoSoft team, email us today and get a quote for your project.

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