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Ways of Optimizing off-Site SEO for Better Local Search Visibility

SEO for Better Local Search Visibility

Local search is one of the essential search engine optimizations. Above half of all mobile searches are contained in local searches, regardless of the global reach, your business might be experiencing. Your site’s full ranking can be improved by strengthening your local searches.

Our article has highlighted the top five off-site optimization approaches for better local search visibility. Following these tactics would increase the revenue of your business over time. To learn more, continue reading.

Local searches are vital to micro-businesses that run under a regional level against those that operate on a national level. Local Search Engine Optimization focuses on displaying on SERPs in a particular location. National Search Engine Optimization, on the other hand, prioritizes appearing in search results across the country.

Your game plan should promote your business in the faces of local leads and customers around you. To appear on the most coveted top listings, you want to take advantage of some off-site optimization tactics.

More site traffic, conversions, and leads are the results of optimizing your local SEO. You want to pay attention to off-site SEO, not because it is more important than on-site SEO but because the former is more critical to your local customers.

This strategy will enable you to compete against more prominent national brands that have limitless resources to spend. Paying attention to local SEO will nullify the advantage of larger companies that regularly optimize for more comprehensive keywords. Most of these companies prioritize brand recognition overvalue propositions to create traffic.

In other words, the absence of local SEO will cause your business to lose out on massive amounts of traffic.

Below are the top 5 tactics that can help you improve your off-site SEO with success.

off-site SEO with success
Top 5 tactics that can help you improve your off-site SEO with success

Strategies for Optimizing Off-Site SEO for Excellent Local Search Visibility

1. Relate with Search Engine Business Listings

Since your goal is to get noticed with search engines, it’s beneficial to have verified listings with business listings. Bing and Google both have listings.

If you would like to set up your business listing with them and Yahoo, follow the links below.

Bing Places for Business

Yahoo via Yext. 

Google My Business

2. Market Your Content Through Social Media

As a blogger, you should dispense your blog posts and other online content to various social media platforms, mainly Google +.

To create a Google+ business page, click here. It is important to note that this platform is distinct from your Google Business Listing.

You can also add your posts to Google’s new business posts. Do this in addition to social media posts. Follow the steps below to access your Google business page.

Step 1: After signing into your Google account, click on the ‘My Business’ icon. This would give you access to your verified Google Business Listing.

Step 2: Click on ‘Manage Location’ in your business listing. You will find this icon under ‘Location.’

Step 3: Click on ‘Posts.’ It is in the left-hand column in your dashboard.

Step 4: Click on ‘Write Your Post.’ You’ll find this box at the top. Clicking on this box will enable you to do the following:

* Add high-quality images.

* Write a post of between 100-300 word count. Note that the first 100 words will appear in your post, which is why you must add your most vital information here.

* If relevant, you can make your post an event.

* Add a CTA button to link it to your site.

3. Register with Approved Local Business Directories

The amount of local listing you can explore determines the exposure opportunities your business would get. However, there are numerous business directories out there, and you might be uncertain of the ones that are worth your listing.

You can overcome this uncertainty by:

* Finding specific listings and directories that are relative to your business. You can find them on Moz Local. Here, you can also see your current business listing for stability.

business listing for stability
See your current business listing for stability.

4. Inspire and Utilize Reviews on Review Sites

As a business owner, you need to accept all listings that are relevant to your business on review sites. This would help you to welcome positive reviews and address any negative ones beforehand. You would also be able to address the challenges that lead to negative reviews.

5. Become a Regular Voice

You want to become a regular voice on the local scene. This would help you get links. Consciously relate and network with your members in the community, both online and offline. Doing this would strengthen your local presence.

You can go about this by sponsoring community events, attending community events, guest blogging, and meeting others’ needs around you. This would create positive vibes and would encourage other site owners to link to your website.


Off-site SEO is as essential as On-site SEO. The former is especially necessary for your business to rank better on local searches. While it is vital to have good visibility on international searches, you do not want to ignore your local environment. Having full local visibility would help your local customers see and access you quickly. And to optimize your local SEO, you have to use some tactics. Some include using social media for marketing, relating to search engine business listings, and other tactics. We hope that our article has informed you about how to improve your local searches.

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