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Video Promotions

Video promotion is growing fast

One of the fast growing segments of the Internet is Video Promotions. The growth is very understandable when you consider the ever increasing bandwidth gains and corresponding

technology that continues to evolve with it. Video not only looks cool, but it brings a more personalized message to the website visitor. Think about it. Imagine somebody reading text on a page vs. seeing you actually talking to them. Not only is the message more understood, it also can have a much higher chance of conversion. For this post, I want to focus on low cost methods for video production since most of you out there are not the federal government and cannot print your own money.

Search engines are taking notice and indexing videos now

As always, as more websites feature video, the search engines have taken note and have begun to index them. You may have recently done a search on a keyword phrase and noticed a video appearing on YouTube or related type website as a top search result. This trend should only continue as better videos are created and have more viewers, etc…

How do I get started?

At this point, you may be thinking “all right, this info is great, but how do I create a video—and how long should it be, costs, etc…? First of all, you should acquire/download a free video editing software which provides the ability to do cool things like add words, splice segments, etc… Then, if you have for example, an I-phone, you are in business. Normal length should be no less than 2 minutes and try to keep the max below 10 minutes. Once you have edited your video, a free hosting site such as YouTube can host it. I prefer to create an I-frame within your site and host the video somewhere else. This keeps download times fast and Google will better index it, since it owns YouTube.

I am frozen with “information overload,” what do I do?

All of the information above is simply quick tips to get you started. The main thing you need to know: Just get it done and it does not have to be perfect. Too many people look at this effort like scaling Mt. Everest—and put too much thought into it. Just get it done

About the Author: Rhett DeMille, the owner of PalmettoSoft, is a leading search engine optimization  consultant located in the Florida and Greater Carolina areas.

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