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Three Reasons to Use Podcasts for Daytona Beach SEO

Audio content is making a comeback. In the broader history of media, audio appears to be an older, mostly forgotten medium, replaced by television and—of course—the nearly-infinite number of hours of video hosted on the Internet.

After all, video is capable of communicating much more content than plain audio, and audiences retain information more effectively from video than audio content. But there are at least three great reasons to incorporate podcasts and other forms of digital audio into your Daytona Beach SEO strategy.

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1. It’s Easy and Affordable

Any time your Daytona Beach SEO company brings up an additional service for your company, there’s one question that probably pops into your mind first. “How much will it cost me?” If the particular additional service under discussion is video content, you may not like the answer to your question very much. Expenses for creating video content can include actual videography, paid talent, editing, and other fees associated with putting together just a short clip. Even a basic video that uses animation or motion graphic technology takes time, and at some point cutting costs will put you across the line from creating something of quality to simply putting something cheaply made out there just to get in the game. And with competition in the area of video extremely fierce, those videos will have a very difficult time getting in front of the eyeballs of your intended audience.

Digital audio, on the other hand, requires no special equipment or talent, and the additional time needed to create in in comparison with text-only content is minimal. At our Daytona Beach SEO company, we produce all of our digital audio content in-house, expanding the reach of our blogposts, podcasts, and other website content without making a large financial investment in the effort. How does digital audio expand our reach? That brings us to the second reason to make podcasts part of your Daytona Beach local SEO campaign.

2. It’s Great for Your Website

Few people in the Daytona Beach SEO industry recognize just how powerfully digital audio can boost their websites. Because search engine optimization is primarily a text-based activity, relying on keyword networks within web page content and behind-the-scenes SEO efforts, it can be hard to see how adding audio content would help. The biggest key here is a metric that Google collects from your website, called “visitor stay time.” Google’s algorithm knows that if an average human visitor stays on your web page for just two seconds, that’s an indication that the page doesn’t offer much value. On the other hand, if the average visit is closer to a minute and a half in length, that suggests that visitors are taking the time to read not just headlines, but all the content on the page. They’re finding something that is worth spending their valuable time on.

Here’s where a podcast or a digital audio version of a blogpost comes in. When a visitor listens to a podcast, the visitor stay time for that web page gets a big boost. As more people discover the page and listen to the digital audio on it for several minutes at a stretch, Google begins to take notice. If that many people are spending significant amounts of time on your website’s pages, you must be offering something that they are finding useful, and Google will respond by promoting your pages in keyword search results.

3. People Love It

We’ve already mentioned the high cost of producing video content, but video has other negative factors as well. The average full-time employee spends more time than he would like staring at a computer screen, and watching a video to learn something new may just add to the eye strain. But being able to switch on a podcast on a work-relevant subject and look at something else for a few minutes for a change is a welcome relief.

Multitasking is a necessary activity for most busy professionals, and digital audio makes it easy for an individual to collect some information while doing something else at the same time, whether it’s checking email, monitoring an activity taking place under their oversight, or something completely unrelated to work—jogging or driving, for example.

At PalmettoSoft, we are very excited how our Daytona Beach SEO company is already using digital audio with great success. We hope you’ll give us the chance to tell you more and to put this great tool to work for your online marketing campaign!

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