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Thinking Really, Really Hard About Columbia SEO

We often run into a funny situation here at PalmettoSoft when we are communicating with people who aren’t very familiar with the concept of search engine optimization. In this kind of situation, the potential customer indicates that his understanding of the SEO process is that we’ll plug a couple of keywords into his website’s content, and then his website will magically begin to appear in the first three results on those keyword search pages. It only takes a little bit of thought to realize that that’s impossible—just think of how many websites are competing for those top three spots for any given keyword! The difference for the websites that do make it into those coveted search results comes down to how hard the Columbia SEO manager is thinking about optimizing for those keywords. Here’s what we mean.

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Columbia SEO: More Than Keyword Density

Keyword density on your website—that is, the number of times a targeted keyword and its network of related keywords appear—is important, but it’s only one part of your SEO campaign. Your Columbia SEO manager also publishes authoritative content like blogposts and press releases, works to generate high-quality links back to your website to build its credibility, makes sure that your website is easy for people to use, and looks at other ways to improve Google’s opinion of the site. The more Google respects and values your website, the higher it will place the site in search results.

Keyword Analysis in Columbia SEO

It’s harder than most people think to decide exactly what keywords their website should target. A typical Columbia SEO campaign targets between five and fifteen keyword phrases, and your campaign manager needs to decide which phrases will generate not only the most visitors, but the right kinds of visitors to your site. A phrase might put your website at the top of a search results page and funnel lots of people to your site, but if it turns out that most of the people searching for that phrase are looking for something other than what your company sells, you won’t gain any valuable leads by targeting that phrase. On the other hand, there might be a keyword phrase that only sees about a dozen searches in your area per month, but the people conducting those searches are extremely motivated to buy exactly what you’re selling. It’s more profitable to focus on those dozen people per month than hundreds of people who aren’t interested in your services!
SEO isn’t simple, but it’s worth the work!

Columbia SEO: Website Metrics Analysis

Once your Columbia SEO campaign is under way and people begin to arrive on your website, your campaign manager has a big job ahead of him: looking at the wealth of metrics that are generated by those visitors’ activity while they are on your site and decoding what they mean for your campaign. If people are leaving your landing pages after an average of five seconds, that is a likely indication that you’re targeting the wrong keywords or that there’s something about those pages that is driving people away. If they tend to click through to two or three other pages of your website before leaving, that is a very good sign—it suggests that they like what they see and want to find out more about your organization. There are many, many more invaluable bits of information that your campaign manager collects from website metrics, and he uses that information to guide future phases of your Columbia SEO strategy and make it better than ever.

Columbia SEO Isn’t Simple!

In this discussion about thinking hard about SEO, we haven’t even touched on many more very important components of a successful online marketing campaign—things like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, a vibrant and carefully constructed social media presence, and publication of authority-building content like white papers and case studies. All of these things build a positive reputation for your website with Google, Bing, and the human visitors that eventually find your website. The truth is, Columbia SEO is very complex when it’s done right, and that’s why it’s most effective when handled by an agency that focuses on it, rather than an in-house department that tries to fit it in with its other duties. Ask us how we can help your campaign take off this year!

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