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Think Backwards for Successful Savannah, SC Web Design

We human beings are slow learners. That’s why it takes most of us 12 years of school to gain the skills we need as adults, and four or more years of college after that to learn a special set of abilities related to our chosen career. In addition to being slow learners, we have another problem: we easily settle into ruts of familiar behavior, finding it very difficult to break out of those ruts and try something different.

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What do these bad human habits have to do with the topic of Savannah web design? Well, the truth is, if you want your website to be enjoyable for your audience to use, you’ll need to take those habits into account and accommodate them. In a perfect world, you might be able to build a website that offers a plethora of powerful tools and interactive features, instantly teaching your visitors how to use them to learn about your offerings and communicate with you. But in the real world, a website like that will simply scare off human visitors who don’t have the time or patience to learn a lot of new things before they can even gather the information they’re looking for. This means that you have to think backwards when it comes to successful Savannah web design.

What Does Your Audience Already Know?

The term “intuitive” is an enormously important one to keep in mind when embarking on a Savannah web design project. It means that you work very hard to figure out how the visitor is going to expect your website to look and function before he knows anything about it. Those expectations will be based on the visitor’s previous experience with thousands of other websites. If you view yourself as a radical trend-setter, you may not like the suggestion that you should do what everyone else is doing. But if your priority is for a visitor to your site to be able to move around your website as easily as possible, that’s exactly what you should do. Put your contact links, social media icons, click-to-call number, and basic company information in the spots where your visitor expects to see them, based on what they’ve seen on thousands of websites before yours. If you “think outside the box” in these areas, don’t expect your visitors to follow you there. Instead, they’ll just bounce back to the Google search results page and find a website that accommodates them more.

Get Them the Information They Need

Because we humans are slow learners, you shouldn’t expect visitors to your website to do a lot of reading in order to get an introduction to your organization. Particularly when it comes to mobile-optimized websites, smart Savannah web design professionals put the most important basic details about the company front and center, where the visitor will see them within nanoseconds of arriving on the web page. Once the visitor has gained a basic understanding of who you are, they may want to scroll down the page or navigate to other pages of your site to dive deeper into what you have to offer them. But don’t make your home page like a novel, gradually unfolding the characters and action before arriving at the “good stuff.” Assume you only have about four seconds to tell the visitor what you do and one or two of the main reasons they should get to know you. Those reasons could include a prominent customer service award, a very high satisfaction rating, or a key benefit (like free shipping) that is unusual in your industry. Whatever it is, it should be something that captures the visitor’s attention and gives them a good reason to take a second look at your website.

Savannah Web Design: Follow the Visitor’s Lead

In Savannah web design, you need to think backwards, which means starting from the perspective of the new visitor to your website. What does he want first and foremost? He wants to know what you can offer and why he should trust you, and he wants to get that information as quickly as possible. That means putting your most important information front and center, and it means making your website conform to standard navigation patterns that your visitors have learned to expect. Email PalmettoSoft today for expert web design help!

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