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Search Engine Optimization, The (4) Simple Parts: 2

Analysis, Implementation, Tracking, Reporting


Landing Pages

The toughest part of any optimization campaign is delivering rankings and respective traffic. Special landing pages need to be

built around the targeted phrase and literally a hundred unique enhancements are required with word placement, type

, frequency, relation, coding, etc… in order for the search algorithm (or spider) to “like” or index the page. Once the page is “crawled,” the search engine begins the process of moving the page up the search engine results pages (serp).

Navigation & Coding

In addition to landing page creation, the entire website navigation must be analyzed to ensure proper structure, hierarchy, code validity, linking, etc… Behind the scenes html coding enhancements are done so the spiders can determine what the website is mainly about, as well as relational sub categories. Once the navigation is deemed to be “seo friendly,” future additions tend to faster and easier to implement.

Off Page Exercises (Directories, Blogs, Social Media)

We are referring to anything and everything not specifically done on the website in order to properly and ethically boost rankings. For example, free URL submission to DMOZ, the largest human edited directory, is important due to the tremendous credibility (and link “juice”) of the inbound link. Yahoo has a paid directory> as well if you have the budget.

Social media websites, such as Facebook, provide powerful inbound links when properly setup and managed. They not only boost your rankings, but also assist in ensuring that your company is “top of mind” as you are continually talking to your audience with daily and weekly posts. If you want to further increase your social media efforts, an integrated blog such as WordPress is a great vehicle in which to provide an endless stream of good, quality content your customers will want to read. Full disclosure: This blog you are reading is an integrated WordPress application.

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About the Author: Rhett DeMille, the owner PalmettoSoft LLC, is a leading search engine optimization consultant located in the Charleston SC area.

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