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Search Engine Optimization, The (4) Simple Parts: 1

Analysis, Implementation, Tracking, Reporting


How many times have we heard that “Getting off on the right foot is most important?” Well, in SEO, nothing could be more true. Quality and effective campaigns can be expensive, and the client needs

the highest return on investment for their invested dollar. Collaboration between the client and SEO firm is needed so that budgets, expectations and goals can become reality for both parties.

In the beginning, strategic analysis of the client’s vertical market is required to determine (and reveal) the most effective and attainable keywords phrases to target. The proper inputs (suggested keyword phrases) can be fed into the latest SEO software to show: 1) The keywords in a particular market(s). 2) The number of searches per month. 3) The competition– the number of search results per phrase. 4) The KEI (keyword Effectiveness Index) number, which is simply the ratio of the number of searches vs. competion for a phrase.  Higher KEI numbers for key phrases can be thought of as the “low hanging fruit,” and should be targeted initially because they feature a decent number of searches with lower competition.  And yes, this usually means they will get ranked on the first page results faster too.

At PalmettoSoft, we produce a report called an SEO Audit, which features all of the above data (and more) and this serves as a ‘guide’ for how we attack the client’s market on the search engines. At minimum, we also refresh the Audit every 180 days to ensure the latest search trends are reflected. In addition to the audit, we analyze the client’s business model to ensure they can “handle” the certain type lead a particular phrase may yield, along with the client’s short and long term business goals.

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About the Author: Rhett DeMille, the owner PalmettoSoft LLC, is a leading search engine optimization consultant located in the Charleston SC area.

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