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Savannah SEO: The Case for YouTube Channels

Here at PalmettoSoft, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about YouTube. To the average guy or gal relaxing at home in the evening, YouTube might primarily be a fun way to catch up on the latest viral

amateur videos, watch the hottest pop stars’ new music videos, or—for those who are more artistic and serious in nature—find out how beginning filmmakers are pushing the boundaries of art these days. But we’re always thinking in terms of Internet marketing, and it is our firm opinion that YouTube represents one of the most important potential tools for marketing available today. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most ignored, because of a few misconceptions. Here are a few of our thoughts, making the case for YouTube channels as a major part of your company’s Savannah SEO campaign.

Savannah SEO Thought #1: Videos Are Not Expensive.

To be more specific, we should say that HIGH QUALITY videos are not expensive. Your educational, informative, or promotional video can be very basic and simple without looking “cheap.” Think of a video as a way for you to present the same information as a blogpost or printed brochure, but read out loud and accompanied by photographs, text, charts, logos, and other visuals. Those visuals give the brain something extra to latch onto and help the audio content make a bigger impression on the viewer.

Savannah SEO Thought #2: Your YouTube Channel Can Be a Destination.

With a few videos that, while basic and relatively brief, do a good job explaining your business and its services, your YouTube channel can become a busy place. You may be surprised at how many people type in YouTube.com instead of Google.com to start their search for any number of different products and services. They know that the unbelievable number of videos hosted on YouTube makes it likely that they will find useful content, and that it will probably provide a more enjoyable experience than simply reading text on a web page. Make some video content available, and you will probably be surprised at how quickly your views add up.

Savannah SEO Thought #3: Video Will Be Indexed More and More in the Future.

Search engines already give special favor to websites that feature video. But as the algorithms break the barrier of indexing the actual audio content of videos, their value for Savannah SEO will increase dramatically. With videos already in place on your YouTube channel, your website, and your social media channels, your company will have the SEO advantage over competitors that must attempt to catch up by hastily creating their own videos. Now is the time to set up a video creation strategy and prepare for the inevitable growth of video content as an SEO factor.

Savannah SEO Thought #4: Video Can Be Used Everywhere.

Creating a single video results in more marketing benefit than you probably realize. You can feature your video in these and other contexts:

  • On your company’s website, either by embedding a YouTube link on the page or by hosting the video on the site directly. Both methods have different advantages.
  • In an email newsletter to the people on your company’s contact list. Clicking a “play” button is easier than reading plain text, and a short video will help your marketing email stand out from the hundreds of others in each recipient’s inbox.
  • On your Facebook and Google+ pages. Video is hugely popular on social media today, and featuring a new video every so often is bound to catch the eye of potential customers that may otherwise have ignored your updates.
  • You can even take your video offline and display it on a mobile device at a trade show booth, in your waiting room, at a meeting with a client, or in any other situation where a clear, concise, and well-phrased presentation about your company is useful.

Contrary to what you may have thought about video content, it can be valuable, enjoyable, and profitable for your business without costing a pile of money to create. Contact us today to talk about how our basic and motion graphic video Savannah SEO services can give your online marketing strategy a different kind of boost, both now and in the future, as the search engine algorithms catch up with video content.

Thanks for your time and please comment or share your experiences below!