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PalmettoSoft Earns Google Partner Designation


PalmettoSoft, a South Carolina-based SEO, digital marketing, and web design services provider, is proud to be among the few companies to display the new Google Partners badge. The Google Partners program was launched by Google as a way to work with highly skilled online service providers in a structured way to help them give their clients even better, more effective offerings. As an officially designated Google Partner, PalmettoSoft offers potential clients the assurance that they are well qualified to drive their SEO and other digital marketing campaigns to success quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably.


PalmettoSoft, a company providing search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and web design services, has over 16 years of success working with companies of all sizes both in its headquarters state of South Carolina as well as nationally. Now, as a member of the Google Partners program, PalmettoSoft adds another reason for organizations to choose their experts to manage their online activities for maximum effectiveness.

Over the course of 2021 and early 2022, Google is implementing its new Google Partners program as a way to more effectively provide updates, training, and other types of guidance to professionals who are already demonstrating a high level of skill in serving their clients. These resources help Google Partners like PalmettoSoft further refine their  Google Ads, Google My Business, organic search engine optimization,  and website design processes to boost their clients’ rankings in a way that serves the ultimate end user–the searcher using Google’s products–as well as possible.

To become a Google Partner, PalmettoSoft had to reach thresholds in three key areas: performance, spend, and certifications. In the area of performance, PalmettoSoft holds an optimization score of +90% with Google across its client base, displaying consistent use of responsible, relevant optimization strategies that achieve powerful results for clients. In spend, PalmettoSoft purchases Google Ads at a minimum of $10,000 in the last 90 days on behalf of its clients, an important indicator of volume and trust on the part of PalmettoSoft’s clients. Finally, in the area of certifications, the Google Partners designation requires at least 50% of PalmettoSoft’s account strategists to hold Google Ads certifications.

As the field of digital marketing has grown and Google has emerged as the primary provider of search and marketing on the Internet, Google has constantly explored new ways to improve the relationship between Google and the professionals who work to move their clients’ web pages to the top spots in the search rankings. These relationships lead to a healthy, beneficial environment of competition that encourages responsible, searcher-focused optimization and advertising methods and discourages irresponsible, “black hat” tactics that yield quick results but ultimately don’t provide searchers with the value they are looking for. Google Partners is the latest component of this philosophy, and PalmettoSoft is proud to have joined the program during its first month of availability.

You can find the Google Partners badge displayed on the PalmettoSoft website, as well as a number of case studies, client testimonials, and in-depth blog posts that illustrate the digital marketing expertise that PalmettoSoft offers its clients.

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