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It’s Time to Ask Your Greenville SEO Company About AdWords

As a Greenville SEO company, it’s not our purpose to have our clients invest in every type of online marketing technique that’s out there. One of the main reasons people choose to work with us is so

that we can assess their business and tell them which SEO methods are likely to have the most effect for lead generation and getting their message out. It’s not about reaching the biggest audience you can; it’s about reaching the best audience. And in our book, pay-per-click is one of those SEO services that not every company would do well to engage in all the time. That being said, Google AdWords, by far the biggest pay-per-click service out there, is currently in the middle of a transformation. The huge changes that the service’s managers are making to the AdWords system demand that any company interested in reaching targeted audiences with its message give it a second look. Here’s why it’s time to ask your Greenville SEO company about AdWords:

Upgraded Demographic Targeting

Within the past year, Google has made it possible for AdWords campaign managers to target audiences based on several valuable demographic filters. There are the obvious ones (gender and age group), which are important for almost any company. But then there are the less common filters, made possible by the fact that Google requests certain pieces of information from users who set up a Google account or a new Gmail address. Campaigns can now market specifically to women in a certain age group who also have children, for instance. And even when a Google searcher is not logged into a Google account, the search engine can look at that user’s search history and make some conclusions—often very accurate ones—about them based on the sorts of things they are interested in.

As we said earlier, pay-per-click may still not be a profitable service for your company to invest in. But if your products or services are marketable to specific demographic groups, these upgrades to AdWords could make it the most important advertising opportunity that your business has ever had access to. It’s certainly worth checking with your Greenville SEO company to see if they recommend launching a campaign to reach those critical audiences.

Launching a New Look

The new demographic targeting capabilities are primarily handled on the campaign manager’s end. The other big change to Google AdWords, however, is focused on the audience experience—that is, the way AdWords ads actually look and act to the search engine user. During the month of August, Google is rolling out an improvement to its ad design that it claims has the potential to increase user interaction by as much as double. It’s important to note that the new design, at least for now, is limited to ads that appear on mobile devices like iPads and smartphones. The new design has done very well in testing, and Google believes that it will give a very significant boost to the campaigns of AdWords users once audiences get a look at it.

Team Up With Your Greenville SEO Company

The world of online marketing sees changes like these happen on a frequent basis. Technology and software advance so quickly that the tactics you may have used as recently as five years ago may simply be obsolete today. When an important update happens to a service like AdWords, you need your Greenville SEO partner to be on top of the changes, studying their effects on the marketing landscape and making the necessary changes to keep your website at the forefront of the competition.

Google AdWords just may have an incredible return on investment waiting for your company. It may not even be the case that you need to launch a long-term ad campaign; one of the best features of AdWords is that you are able to run your campaign as long or as briefly as you like. This flexibility gives your Greenville SEO company the ability to truly customize your pay-per-click services to match your company and your target audience perfectly. We hope that you will begin the conversation with us today and find out how we can help you transform your online marketing campaign.

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