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It’s a Fact: Social Media Positively Impacts Small Businesses

Did you know that social media can be the “secret ingredient” that will launch your small business website marketing efforts to new levels?

A 2011 social media survey conducted by Social Media Examiner reveals that 88% of small businesses who have chosen to integrate social media with current marketing campaigns have

noticed increased exposure for their business offerings on a monumental scale. This is why over 90% of all online marketing professionals like PalmettoSoft use social media networking to help businesses get in front of more potential customers.

So how can social media positive impact your small business this year? Let’s take a closer look at the survey results to determine how social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help you expand your client base.

  • 72% of small businesses surveyed said they increased website traffic and subscribers
  • 62% increased website rank (on Google, Bing & Yahoo search engine results)
  • 56% resulted in new business relationships
  • 51% more business leads generated
  • 49% reduced overall marketing expenses
  • 43% improved sales results

(Adapted from the Social Media Examiner 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report)

Considering that many small businesses, already under pressure from a sagging economy, are on limited marketing budgets – social media can give your business a lot of bang for the buck! First of all, it’s easy to manage by way of PalmettoSoft social media packages. This gives the busy small business owner the ability to network and promote seamlessly without the responsibility of daily maintenance. Secondly, social media not only creates a buzz about your business online, but it also taps into the wildly growing mobile market as more consumers spend time connecting from smart phones and other mobile devices.

With over 800 million people networking on just Facebook alone, don’t you think it’s time your business stepped things up with the leading marketing tool today? For more information about PalmettoSoft social media programs, please visit our website today!

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