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Is the Customer Always Right? Your SEO South Carolina Consultant Chimes in.

As an SEO South Carolina consultant, I am fortunate to have many continual opportunities to speak with potential clients. They arrive by search engine queries, referrals and other forms of marketing we

do. Sales can be very fluid and touch-and-go when it comes to the world of SEO. Here’s why: Because you are ultimately selling a solution and not an off the shelf product, many considerations must be made from the SEO South Carolina firm and ultimately a custom package is created for the client. For example, some clients have personnel on staff to write a monthly press release for their company, while others do not. As you can imagine, just about every client SEO package is different based on their needs, in-house resources and budget. In every sales opportunity, the SEO consultant will do a lot of listening, research and negotiating in order to gain the win-win model required for a successful outcome.

When sales opportunities are abstract like in SEO, a common pitfall needs to be avoided: The client dictating how the SEO process is done. While this may sound simple in nature, it happens a lot in our industry. For example, there is common misunderstanding that one’s competitors’ keywords are always the correctly targeted ones, and therefore, the same phrases should be sought for optimization. So…rather than doing actual research that determines what people are searching for, the SEO South Carolina consultant sets out on a wild goose chase that most often ends in a wasted effort.

At PalmettoSoft, we have a pre-sales meeting with the potential customer beforehand and explain how the SEO process works and how both parties can benefit via the most efficient collaboration process. When this occurs, trust is established upfront and both parties more efficiently and effectively are able to achieve the desired outcome: A properly researched and priced SEO campaign.

If you would like to know how our SEO South Carolina consultancy can help your business, please give us a call today.

About the Author: Rhett DeMille, the owner of PalmettoSoft, is a leading search engine optimization  consultant located in the Florida and Greater Carolina areas.

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