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How to develop monthly SEO content, a message from your SEO Consultant: Part 2 of 3

Blog Posts, Press Releases, Industry Articles


In the wake of the recent Panda and Penguin updates, website owners/managers should be updating their content more frequently… more like every month. With the press release, this type of

content should be submitted to a free press release website, such as the list featured here. 


1 Press Release (1 per month)

Length: Around 200-250 words excluding the title

Title/headline: The title (sometimes called the headline) of the press release grabs the reader’s attention. It’s advisable to make title within 75 characters. More suggested reading at: http://www.publicityinsider.com/release.asp

The body: The press release body should be written in a manner that informs people and does not try to sell them something. A story written like an advertisement may be disqualified in the editorial review process, so avoid that writing style.  You want to begin by summarizing the entire release in an opening 3-4 sentence paragraph. Once you have done so, create a following paragraph which answers the following critical information: “who, what, when, where and why.”  In addition, Be sure to include quotes from people involved in the news/story. Quoting a person by name helps readers understand and remember the information more clearly.  Also, try to add hyperlinks in your story, this adds credibility to your claims and tells an indexing search engine that you are referencing a resource– which is good for SEO.

About the company footer: After the body, include a one paragraph statement containing information about the company. This paragraph is typically taken from marketing collateral within your organization. The information should include company history, background, industry, and location. A short description of your products/services is a good addition as well.

Media contact information: After the company footer, you must provide basic contact information such as: company name, phone, website and email address (at minimum). This gives members of the media the ability to contact you and/or quote your story.

Media Contact Info: XYZ Company, www.xyzcompany.com, 888-123-6789, info@xyzcompany.com

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