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How Factory Defaults Affect Florida Internet Marketing

You open up your brand new laptop computer, boot it up for the first time, and set your time zone. Then, as if by magic, everything is ready to go: programs are there on the desktop, there’s a nice

wallpaper design, and an Internet browser is already supplied and ready to get you online. You can change your settings, of course, but research shows that many people are content to leave factory defaults in place. How do those defaults affect Florida Internet marketing?

Search Engines, by Default

Consider the fact that the popular Web browser FireFox recently replaced Google with Yahoo! as its default search engine. Now, anyone who downloads the free FireFox browser will see Yahoo! search results unless he manually switches the search engine to Google. That’s an easy thing to do, but most people don’t take the time to find the settings and change them. Florida Internet marketing experts have seen Yahoo! usage increase dramatically and Google usage drop slightly as a result.

More Changes Coming?

Your Florida Internet marketing consultant sees more possible changes on the way. There is talk that Apple may soon change the default search engine on its Safari Web browser (currently Google). We don’t know which of Google’s competitors would get that coveted position, but Apple already uses Bing for its voice-activated search feature. Microsoft’s search engine would seem to be a logical fit for Safari.

What it Means

Florida Internet marketing services can’t afford to ignore the runners-up to Google, as they get better at what they do and start to give Google a run for its money. Particularly if important browsers like Safari and FireFox use other engines as their defaults, we could soon see the search engine market even out.

Ask your Florida Internet marketing consultant how you can optimize your content for all search engines, not just the one with the biggest name.

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