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Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics gives your website the ability to track user behavior from where they originate, to how long they stay to what content they like best. It does not matter if your website is a simple blog or

an international presence, Google Analytics provides an in depth view of visitor metric data and is also free to set up. In order to set up the program you will need to simply sign up for a Google account or login to your existing one. Google Analytics is also integrated with other programs such as Feedburner, Webmaster Tools, YouTube, etc… and you will need to determine if you want to give others access to your account. So basically, you can setup a personal account—or a business one. With unique level user permissions, you can also give other Google Account members access to your data without letting them see your main account.

Within this post, I am not going to get into the actual step by step procedures for setting up the program as they are already accessible by  clicking here.

The tracking code installation is a great feature which lets you track user data from a single domain, to sub domains, to other countries. In addition, Google Analytics interfaces with Google AdWords, AdSense and other programs so you can create very comprehensive marketing programs all within an easy to use interface that is fully customizable by you.


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