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Florida Online Marketing Consultant: Where Do You Get Your Keywords?

Search engine entries provide a wealth of information, not only for an online marketing company looking to promote its clients’ websites but also for researchers who are interested in

analyzing human behavior. If you want to discover

something about your fellow man, just type a random word into the Google search box and see what auto-complete suggestions appear. Those suggestions represent the most common searches associated with the word you used, giving you a snapshot of what Internet users are looking for. The Florida online marketing consultant knows that those suggestions are more valuable than that, though—they can help you determine what keyword phrases you should be focusing on.

Working Backwards

Suppose you sell window coverings. You could spend time thinking up ten different keyword phrases that people might use when searching for your products, then create content focused on those phrases and see how they do. However, you could also go straight to the customer base and see what phrases are “hottest.” For instance, if you type in “blinds for” in Google, the following suggestions appear:

  • Blinds for French doors
  • Blinds for sliding glass doors
  • Blinds for skylights

Given these popular entries, your Florida online marketing consultant might elect to create a landing page that emphasizes window treatments for glass doors to attract the attention of the many people that appear to be searching for them.

Stretching Your Site for Better Florida Internet Marketing

At times, your Florida online marketing consultant may suggest stepping outside your business’s strict definition in order to rank well with a particularly valuable keyword. Your window covering business might not sell replacement parts, for example, but “window blind parts” is a very common search entry. In a blogpost or regular page, you might discuss the advantages of buying a new set of blinds instead of replacing “window blind parts.” This use of the keyword isn’t artificial, and people who land on your page will still gain valuable information about the subject they are searching for.

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