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Down to Details with Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are all about details. In fact, to someone who isn’t already familiar with the world of PPC and how it works, it’s a little bit shocking to learn just how miniscule those details are. A great manager of a Google Ads campaign, for example, gives a lot of attention to individual words in a client’s ad text, the exact hours during which a campaign displays ads, and which slight variation of a search keyword phrase is best. But in a field this competitive, and when advertisers have mere seconds to connect with any given audience member, PPC management services can’t afford to ignore the details.

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How PPC Management Services Create Ad Text

Obviously, there is a lot of thought that goes into the brief snippet of text that the Google search user sees. But the PPC campaign manager doesn’t just write that snippet, put it online, and then hope for the best. He writes several versions of the snippet, using slightly varied wording, and makes two of those versions “live,” that is, visible to real audiences online, at the same time. The user interaction data generated by those two messages tells the campaign manager which one is more effective at generating click-throughs. The campaign manager then abandons the less effective option, replaces it with one of the other variations of the ad text, and starts the process over again. This ongoing A/B testing helps PPC management services continually improve the wording of its ad texts in order to capture the eyes and clicks of searchers as effectively as possible.

Campaign Parameters

It is staggering how detailed the parameters of a Google Ads campaign can be. Managers can limit campaigns to show ads to search audiences at certain hours, on certain days of the week, or even during certain types of weather! Managers can also limit their messages to appear to a certain gender, age group, family status, or other demographic, using information collected from users of the search engine associated with that particular pay-per-click system. As a campaign progresses, a pay-per-click advertising agency learns what demographic groups are most responsive to the campaign, and they can focus their energy and ad budget on those groups to garner the most possible click-throughs.

Avoiding Dead-End Click-Throughs

At an even deeper level, a campaign manager keeps an eye out for click-throughs that are not desired—that is, when a search user clicks on an ad, only to leave the connected landing page within a few seconds. This result indicates that the user expected something different from what he actually found on the landing page, and was not originally interested in what the campaign was offering. It’s in the interest of PPC management services to avoid showing ads in those situations, since the client ends up paying for click-throughs that do not lead to sales leads.

Sometimes these unprofitable click-throughs are the result of mistakes in ad wording; as a search user quickly scans the message, they may get the wrong impression of what the campaign is marketing to them. This is why a PPC campaign should, above all, be honest about what it is selling. Generating huge numbers of click-throughs, only to disappoint the people who land on the client’s website, ultimately backfires as it wastes the client’s budget on website visits that never lead to actual sales.

The Right Keywords

The biggest behind-the-scenes element of PPC management services is selecting the keyword phrases that the campaign will target. It’s not just about selecting keywords that enjoy a lot of traffic—those keywords generally have a high bid price, meaning the campaign won’t be able to show as many total ads. Instead, more specific yet less-searched-for keyword phrases often succeed in getting the attention of people who are much more likely to need the products or services that the campaign is marketing.

Be sure that your pay-per-click advertising agency is detail-oriented enough to make the most of every campaign budget dollar that you are putting into it. PalmettoSoft has the expertise, online tools, and research capabilities to take your PPC management services to the next level; email us today to start your project!

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